November 2010

Clever and funny Business Cards that will crack you up.

Originality and a sense of humor usually gets a person noticed and remembered. So, whether you are designing for a client or printing one for yourself, don’t forget to give those business cards some personality! If you have no idea how to get started, then check out CreativeFan’s collection of 21 clever and funny business cards

A fresh batch of Business Card Designs from DeviantArt.

It’s obvious that your business card should look stylish and it should present a clear picture of your business. CreativeDesignMagazine has collected some of the inspirational business card designs from Deviant Art. Enjoy!

How to design the Perfect Business Card.

WebDesignerDepot discusses how a thoughtful, well-designed business card can help your company give a good first impression and send the right message. They look at elements to include in your design and the different approaches to take.

A collection of Business Cards with exciting Pattern Designs.

One way to attractively design a card is by using patterns. Patterns present harmony in complexity. They range from rigid geometric shapes to intricate ornaments. To get you inspired, DesignJuices have collected 20+ business cards that make use of patterns in their designs!

30 cool Business Card designs of Graphic and Web Designers.

Check out these cool business card designs at Uprinting that served as the designers’ creative playground and also represent the skills they possess.

31 Creative Business Cards.

When it comes to business cards many designers like to show off their creativity by using a non-traditional type of card. A creative business card can help to leave a lasting impression with people that you meet, and ultimately to more business. VandelayDesign showcase 31 different business cards for your own creative inspiration.

Cool Business Cards for good first impressions.

A business card design is bound to either make or break a potential transaction. Treat your cards like artwork that you can proudly present to your prospects. Amuse them with fresh designs and make a good first impression just like the examples at Pelfusion.

October 2010

100 awesome Hand Crafted Business Cards.

The most interesting thing about Business Cards is that other extraordinary materials can be used to make them like metal, rubberized cards, rubber, magnets, poker chips, wooden nickels, and even real wood. SmashingGeeks have a showcase.

50 inspirational Letterpress Business Cards.

CreativeFan showcases inspirational letterpress business cards from designers, photographers, and businesses around the globe. Whether it’s just text, a repeating vector pattern, or something even more creative, these letterpress business cards will leave you inspired and maybe even convince you to use a letterpress style for your next business cards.

55 new creative Business Card designs and design ideas.

A great business card needs to provide easy to ready contact information and more importantly, a lasting impression. But creative business card design ideas are not easy to come by. In this article, DenzoMag take a look at 55 new creative business card designs and design ideas.