August 2009

45 creative business card designs.

Here is a collection of cool business cards to inspire you, which will also be helpful to you in designing you own business card. This post is the current edition in Dzineblog’s Business Card Design inspiration series.

Business card eye candy.

There have been so many unique, elegant, fun, well, just plain awesome business card designs popping up lately that PaperCrave just had to share a few of their favorites. Get ready for the eye candy!

July 2009

More creative business cards.

Business cards are so important when it comes to promote yourself on other people. A well designed and printed business card can impress and make people take notice and remember you . A badly designed or printed card can leave a bad impression or even worse be simply forgotten. so it’s important to design a card which is unique and it should stands out from the competitors card. Dzineblog showcases a collection of cool business cards to inspire you, which will also be helpful to you in designing you own business card,

Top rated business cards designs.

You must need business cards when you start a new business, and it’s a very usefulway to promote your existing business to the world. Here’s a showcase from 2ExpertsDesign of 78 of the most Creative and Top Rated Business Card Designs to inspire you.

Design a cool grunge business card.

Grunge designs seem to be the latest trend for print and web. In this tutorial from psdguides, we will learn how to make a cool business card. Obviously, you can substitute your own textures and design.

Useful business card tutorials and templates.

Business card speaks for a brand and they are a good and effective tool to impress and maintain relationship with clients. Hongkiat presents a series of truly creative business card designs together with tutorials and template that you can follow.

Business cards of and by designers.

Whenever, you want to get an outstanding business card designed for your business, you look for skilled graphic designers. But have you ever wondered, how extraordinary could be the business cards of these creative gurus? GraphicDesignBlog presents 38 business cards of top Graphic Designers. Whereas 2expertsdesign showcases
78 of the most creative and top rated business card designs.

Beautiful and creative business cards.

NaldzGraphics showcases over 60 beautiful and creative business card designs, to enhance your creativity and provide inspiration.

June 2009

Stylish business card tutorials.

Photoshopaholics rejoice! TheRoxor has seven stylish business card tutorials for you to play with. If you don’t have a business card, get to it. Now!

Cutting corners.

Maybe it’s a sign of our credit card culture, but it seems there is a trend developing towards rounded corner business cards. If you like the idea, or are simply curious, head on over to YOUTHEDESIGNER for 17 examples.