September 2009

Small business cards make a big impact.

In this economic climate, it’s vital to stand out from the crowd. Whatever service or product you provide, there are more and more people like you, fighting over fewer and fewer remaining customers and clients. Any little thing you can do to stand out could be the factor that gets you the job or sale. Check out YouThe Designer for small business cards make a big impact.

40 Creative and unique business cards.

Business card designs are important as they give customers the first impression of your company. If you are about to design a new card for yourself, here is the place to start! 10Steps has compiled a list of 40 creative business cards for your reference.

Letterpress business cards.

Letterpress printing is a term for the relief printing of text and image using a press with a “type-high bed” printing press  and movable type, in which a reversed, raised surface is inked and then pressed into a sheet of paper to obtain a positive right-reading image. It was replaced by Offset printing in the last 50 years, but some presses remain. They are the ideal method to produce exclusive and beautiful business cards and DesignShack has 37 examples. And MyInkBlog has some more.

The Four Laws of business card design.

By using modern design elements and selective information to build and maintain your brand image, your business card can create not just new business relationships, but powerful word of mouth buzz. These four design elements presented at Reencoded are essential for ensuring that your business card achieves what it should.

Using various shapes and materials for business cards.

Business cards are no longer used just to provide basic information about yourself and your company. Today, more and more companies are using creatively designed business cards to convey the image and personality of their businesses to leave a long lasting impression. One aspect that Designrfix really enjoys about these business cards is that they make use of different materials such as metal, plastic, steel as well as using various non-traditional shapes.

August 2009

15 over-the-top business card designs.

Business cards are one of the elements of corporate design that should be pushed beyond just graphics, and converge with several processes to become what they should be: a memorable, collectible and impressive piece to be carried away everywhere. The following at GoMediaZine are perfect examples, and have overcome the graphic-only component of the piece by using different materials and techniques. A recognizable pattern in all these designs is the use of die-cuts.

100 (Really) creative business cards.

Not a lot I can say about this post from Zubeta, other than there’s a seriously huge heap of inspiration if you’re looking at Business Cards. In the old days, we paid major money for books of inspiration like this. Enjoy.

23 new business cards – Best of August 2009.

What can be said? FrancescoMugnai has gone to the trouble of trawling the net to bring you 23 new business cards – Apparently the best of August 2009. Go ahead, get inspired.

11 Round die cut business card designs.

YouTheDesigner has always been a fan of round business cards, because they are so different from the rectangular cards that we are used to. Making an impression is often about differentiating yourself from the crowd and your business card is a good place to start. Check out their post.

Unusual business card ideas and designs.

Most business cards tend to be forgotten, which is why they are not effective. Business cards can become great interactive elements with the added ability to have custom shapes, different materials and matte finishing along with a great design idea. Noupe presents a collection of over 60 Creative Business Cards ideas that say a lot about a person.