November 2009

Business Card Tutorials, PSD Templates and Inspirational Showcases.

How do you design a business card that portrays who you are, what you do and how you do it? Sadly, there is no real answer to give for these questions, other than to say that it is down to each individuals personal creativity. There are basic guidelines and goals to the content of business card, and SpeckyBoy presents them in this comprehensive post.

Ten guerrilla marketing tips using your business cards.

GuerillaFreelancing received the following question: “I’ve got business cards printed up, but rarely find anyone to give them to. Are there places that designers can leave cards where they might get noticed, such as printers…?” He replies with ten suggestions you find interesting.

Inspirational Business Cards.

In the last three posts, DesignrFix showcased business cards that have ranged from simple and elegant to ones that have been very creative. In this post you will find various styles of  designs that will truly inspire you.

15 free Christian Business Card Templates.

As a way to provide convenience and printing satisfaction, UPrinting offer business card design templates for free. Check out their church business cards design templates.

Five tips for modern Business Card design.

To start with modern business card design, I’d say that business cards are obsolete. The role of paper business cards decreased drastically with the appearance of social networks, and virtual business cards. So business card design should change as well. Go to DesignLive for the full story

October 2009

60 gorgeous vector Business Cards.

The mini-canvas of the business card doesn’t leave much space to play with, but designers are constantly pushing the creative boundaries in their business card designs. Check out VectorTutsPlus’ collection of 60 gorgeous examples of great business card designs, all constructed with vibrant and crisp vector artwork.

35 creative Corporate Business Cards.

Exchanging business cards is an old tradition of the business world but most of them are tucked into a wallet or desk drawers. CorporateLogos presents a collection of 30 business cards which will truly impress your clients and make them hire you every time they need the related services.

Black Business Card designs.

A good business card can be designed in any color or theme; but the most important thing about any business card is that it is one small piece of paper used to represent your work or your identity. Therefore, the element of elegance is very important in its design. Black color can be used in contrast with a number of different colors, and if used with a combination of some classic elements, can add an elegant touch and appeal to the overall design. CreativeRepository presents some of the business cards which use the power of black in their designs.

Over 400 creative Business Cards.

So you want some business card design inspiration? LogoDesignerBlog presents over 400 creative and beautiful business card designs all on one page. Enjoy this 20Mb load!

75 creative and unique Business Cards.

WebDesignBooth has collected over 70 beautiful, creative and unique business card designs to share with their readers. You can enjoy them too.