January 2010

Vintage and Retro Business Cards.

Along with Grunge, Vintage and Retro remains extremely popular in the design community. So it’s no surprise to see Business Cards embrace the theme. So, without further ado, DzinePress presents 40 examples of Vintage and Retro Business Cards.

50 creative and original Business Cards and Tutorials.

DesignTutorials4u takes a look at 50 extremely creative and original business cards and design tutorials that really help push the boundaries and show the extent some people go to set themselves apart in this competitive marketplace.

12 free Vector Business Card Templates.

Airopia presents an outstanding collection of 12 high-quality business card templates. Having said that, I can’t see any self-respecting designer using these…unless of course if they’re in traction after a skiing accident and can only use the computer with a pencil in their mouth. Just sayin’.

Business Card Design: Better than a plain ol’ Business Card.

Sure, many people have business cards, but one in a hundred have something really cool. These unique treasures, cards, items etc. get kept, talked about and usually photographed and shared. This post at SmashingMagazine is an inspiration for all you creatives to step up your game, either by getting things made or by making them yourselves.

25 new business cards – Best of January 2010.

FrancescoMugnai has gone to the trouble of scouring the net for this month’s best business Cards (the month ain’t even over). I’m sure you’ll find a few to get the juices flowing.

Beautiful Typographic Business Cards.

Having a beautifully designed business card get have lasting effects on your business. David at InspiredMag for one has a huge collection of business cards that he keeps to build contacts and provide visual inspiration. In this post he is going to focus on typography in business card design.

25 unique Die Cut Business Cards.

Having a die cut or “shaped” business card is a great way to make your business cards stand out and unforgettable for the obvious reason that it differs from the regular rectangular business cards of most people and businesses. BestBusinessCards presents an interesting showcase.

Your business card can overtake your logo design – Beware!!

GraphicDesignBlog has compiled some amazingly creative business cards which are not highlighting the company logos in a prominent way…not all but most of them. He really appreciates the creative concepts of these business cards, but after all it is the logo which earns recognition and stability for a business.

December 2009

74 unique Business Card designs.

GraphicFetish has come up with a list of inspirational business cards. From really conventional yet artistic and colorful ones, overlapping paper stock, incorporation of strings, tape, fabric, to rounded edge and oddly shaped business cards.

The best business cards of 2009.

This year FrancescoMugnai posted 233 stunning business cards. Now it’s time to choose the BEST cards of 2009. And…the winner is….