August 2009

250 free abstract Photoshop brushes.

Today ScarletBits has handpicked 250 Free Amazing Abstract Brushes from deviantART and Brusheezy that can really give a new look to your design, when you are using Photoshop!

50 must-have Photoshop brushes.

These 50 Photoshop brush sets are ones Daved at SmashingMagazine finds himself using over and over in a variety of projects. This collection is the result of years worth of downloads, trials and experiments. He hopes this list helps you find some new Photoshop brushes that improve your collection.

Grunge Brushes – The ultimate collection.

This is a particularly useful collection of grungy brushes, you’re sure to find something you want. WebStandard also has a short video explaining how to load brushes into Photoshop (in English).

How to get more out of a simple Photoshop brush.

As you know Photoshop comes with many brushes installed, and there are thousands and thousands more available for download in all shapes and sizes. However if you take a closer look into the Brushes palette, you’ll find that even the simplest brushes, that may not look too exciting at first glance, can be varied to create some very nice effects. Sitepoint presents some tips on varying options in the Brush palette.

270 free cosmic brushes.

Have you been looking for some good space or planet brushes to use in your designs? Well, your search is over, because TheRoxor has collected 270 free space and planet brushes. Enjoy!

Free halftone brushes.

BlueBlots presents a collection of halftone brushes made by some passionate designers and Photoshop lovers. Some of these brushes are available under a Creative Commons License, so make sure to read the details from the main source. Enjoy!

Grunge and paint Photoshop brushes.

A good set of brushes from PSdeluxe for adding dirt or texture to an image, or they can be used to age images. These free high resolution Photoshop brush sets contain lots of different Grungy effects for you to play with.

1000 free tech brushes.

Tech brushes are very useful in infusing a high-tech and futuristic feel in your designs. Tech brushes usually include images of circles, hexagons, lines, blueprints, diagrams, binary designs such as the Matrix-like binary arrangement, gears, circuits, and other various “tech” shapes. You’ll find a huge collection at BestDesignOptions.

Smoke brush set.

A fantastic collection of colored Smoke art pictures by Graham Jeffery is now available in a Photoshop brush pack at Qbrushes. Images presented is this set  are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License.

Swirls and Flourishes brushes.

There’s a monster collection of Swirls and Flourishes brushes at Libertiny. The brushes were created in Illustrator and exported to Photoshop at 300dpi.