October 2010

High quality and useful Photoshop Brushes.

CreativeFan have gathered up 20 high quality and useful Photoshop brushes for you to use in your projects.  These brushes are all free to download, and will supercharge your design and artworks.

The ‘ultimate’ collection of the best Grunge Photoshop Brushes.

So many brushes scattered around the Internet. In fact in too many places to actually value them important enough for your project sometimes. Just the time it would take you to find the right one for your needs would, in most cases, take forever for you to even dig up. Minervity have gone ahead and again rounded up all of the nicest and best grunge Photoshop brushes that you would ever need.

A collection of free Photoshop Stain Brush Sets.

One can never have too many brushes, and this post on Free Photoshop Stain Brush Sets at NaldzGraphics showcases an ordinary stain that has been turned into photoshop brushes for enhancing a simple design or artwork.

September 2010

Creative Photoshop Brushes Collection.

Every good designer needs brushes to use within Photoshop to make Wallpapers, Illustrations and different Creative Designs. 92Pixels has collected some of them that are really useful. Do yourself a favor and scroll through the list.

August 2010

How to load a Brushes Set in Photoshop.

In this tutorial, Azigos will explain how to load a Brushes Set in Photoshop CS and higher versions. After that he will explain how to manage your brushes for maximum usability.

July 2010

Grunge photo borders.

StarnetBlog presents a set of six grunge photo borders. With these you can create really stunning print or web graphics due to the size of the files: 4724 x 3150 (300dpi).
You can also use these as Photoshop brushes but you have to re-size them to the allowed brush limit which is 2500×2500 in Photoshop CS4.

June 2010

Stains Brushes for Photoshop.

Most graphic designers are always interested in finding quality brushes to use in their work. In this post Designm.ag feature 20 different brush packs for creating stains. As always when you’re dealing with freebies, be sure to read the terms of use set by the own/creator.

A Collection of Summery Photoshop Brushes.

As a designer, Michelle at Kaplang often finds that her surroundings inspire her work and with the recent spell of good weather, it should be no surprise that her mood is becoming very summery. She’s created the perfect roundup of summer inspired Photoshop brushes.

May 2010

How to make a Photoshop Brush Set.

In this tutorial at VandelayDesign, we will be going through the process of creating a Photoshop brush that resembles a realistic paint brush stroke. Although there are already a number of brush packs of this kind available, being able to create your own will give you more flexibility.

April 2010

Coffee Rings: Photoshop Brush Pack.

DesignInstruct presents some Photoshop brushes of coffee rings that you can download and use on your personal or commercial projects, free of charge. There are nine brushes in the set, with their diameters between 500–1000px. Enjoy!