April 2009


The Graphic Post (TGP) is a collection of resources for graphic designers found on the web. I’ve been in ‘the business’ since the mid 70s. I’m talking of the days of cow gum, scalpels, bainbridge board, paste-up, magic markers, bank pads, bromides, typesetters, chromalin proofs, retouchers. The current generation of designers today will be unfamiliar with most of these specialised terms.

Nowadays, the average designer will design their work on screen, using images from an online stock library. They have access to a bewildering number of fonts and the tools to manipulate, enhance, tweak, distort and refine their work to their hearts content. They will send their digital files to the printer online. In some instances, they may never even meet their clients who are on another continent. Oh my, how things have changed.

And the resources keep coming from the online community. Here at TGP, we’re rounding up the best of them. We provide links, mostly available as free downloads and we warmly welcome contributors to this site. If you would like us to feature your website, or if you know of a useful site for graphic designers, contact us (using the Contact button) and provide the URL. We’ll take it from there.

If we have linked to your site and you disapprove, please contact us and we will remove the link immediately.

TGP is owned and managed by Alex Szecsenyi from Melbourne Australia. You can see examples of previous work and discover further information at matrixcreative.com.  Matrix had a good run for many years, but is no longer a trading entity. The website survives mainly to share my portfolio. Feel free to snoop around.