May 2009

Use all the crayons in the box.

Colors come to life in 3D with Color Rotate. It’s an intuitive tool that allows you to create color palletes in 3D, in real time, and in a way that matches how our minds process color. There’s also a Color Rotate community where you can post your palettes and join in discussions.

Taking stock.

There’s a great roundup of royalty free stock photos and textures at Blueblots. Make sure you go to the bottom of the site where they list even more resources. This site should keep you busy for a while.

Become a Photoshop ninja.

Photoshop is a tool of limitless possibilities, but the learning curve can be quite daunting. The ten links at Makeuseof are arguable the best on the net at the moment. Whatever your level of expertise, if you want to hone your PS skills, then this site is for you.

Ditching the nine to five.

Some designers enjoy the security of a ‘regular job’. Others prefer the freedom and autonomy of working freelance. It’s difficult to get impartial views and there are many risks and pitfalls. The group at Noupe have assembled a bunch of top web designers about the pros and cons of going freelance.


Wow, Grace Smith sure has been busy. She has collected 75+ truly remarkable typography resources that include articles, tutorials and free fonts. I suggest that you bookmark this site, there’s just so much stuff. Kudos.

Portraiture on a budget.

You don’t need to buy lots of expensive equipment to shoot portraits like a pro. This online Digital Photography School provides a list of inexpensive equipment and a simple guide to how it’s done. Whatever you do, do NOT ask the subject to say ‘cheese’.

Pleased to meet you.

The humble business card. A 90mm x 55mm canvas to express your creativity. Meh.

Prepare yourself for some mind-blowing business cards at Webdesignerdepot. They showcase 100 (really) creative designs that use different textures, materials and shapes. Think outside the square.

It’s vector magic.

This wonderful site lets you easily convert bitmap images to crisp, clean vector art. You get two free conversions to check it out, then there’s a monthly online usage fee, or a desktop edition (for the professionals). It really is Vector Magic.

Something for the iconoholics.

Oh how we love our icons and buttons. So much creativity from so few pixels. It’s great fun to design your own, but when you’ve got a tight deadline and you need something yesterday, a free icon set can be a lifesaver. Techmagazine‘s got them, as does Desizn Tech, Noupe and another at Noupe . May they save your scalp.

Font Hit Parade.

Don’t be concerned by the age of this site, Fawnt highlights the Top 55 fonts rated by downloads. There are some very sweet fonts to choose from, PC or OSX.

A more recent list is the Top 22 at Instantshift. Interesting to compare lists with the passage of time. Of course, all fonts listed are free.