June 2009

Just tooling around.

The aim was to collect the ultimate list of font and typographic related tools available online. Well, 1stwebdesigner seems to have accomplished the task with 32 font and typography tools for you to try. This should keep you typographers busy.

Grunge extreme.

As I posted before, I heart grunge. For all you grungeaholics, Six Revisions provides us with high quality (3,000 pixels wide) Free grunge textures. The first set is here, the second set is here. Go nuts.

Pick a color, not any color.

A time-tested formula may not determine the difference between good or bad taste, but it does predict common taste. And that makes the formula quite useful when you’re choosing colors. CreativePro re-presents an article courtesy of ColourLovers. Sadly I couldn’t find the original article.

Beyond the business card.

Let’s face it, everyone in business has their business card. We’ve already explored creative cards in a previous post, but there’s more. If you want to really stand out and make a memorable impression, consider promotional items. Smashing Magazine looks at a variety of creative approaches from simple DIY to more sophisticated solutions. This post is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

May 2009

A day in the life.

It’s interesting to consider the various applications you use on a daily basis. At css-tricks, they’ve posted ‘One day in the life of a web designer’, which follows a designers typical workday. Although not strictly accurate chronologically, it’s fun to read.

EuroStyle Fonts

Well, not actually the font ‘Eurostyle’, but a collection of more than 70 fonts from (mainly) european sources. You may have seen a few of these, but WebAir provides a lot of new ones as well. You can never have too many free fonts.

Become a deviant.

This is one of my favourite sites which I visit every day. DeviantART is a huge community of designers, artists, illustrators and photographers. Join up and showcase your own work, or simply browse the various categories for inspiration. They’ve been around for almost nine years and just keep growing.

The great wide hope.

When you’ve got a brilliant scene before your eyes, sometimes a wide angle lens just doesn’t cut it. You want a big, bold panorama. In the old days, this meant purchasing a very expensive specialist camera. No longer! In this digital age, any camera is able to achieve gorgeous results. The Digital Photography School tells you how to get the best results.

Brushing up with Illustrator.

Good Illustrator brushes are a little bit harder to find than good Photoshop brushes, but there are some quality, free sets out there. DesignMag has a collection of 30 sets that you’ll find very useful.

I heart grunge.

Grunge design elements are a great way to give a design a worn and weathered look. Since it’s a popular style in modern web design, there are plenty of resources out there, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the ones that are the highest quality. The Web Design Ledger has compiled an excellent collection of grunge textures and brushes.

And if you need the fonts, InstantShift provides 105 free grunge fonts. Grunge rules.