June 2009

There appears to be a pattern here.

Used carefully, a background pattern can be a useful graphic element in many situations. Pattern Cooler offers a huge selection of free seamless background patterns that you can play with. Well categorised and with the ability to manipulate colors, it’s a useful resource.

It’s all in the technique.

Professional photographic techniques can produce simply stunning images. Rather than just showcasing these inspirational photographs, SmashingMagazine presents 50 useful photographic techniques, tutorials and resources for you to try. High-speed, tilt-shift, motion blur, infrared, HDR and much, much more.

Wood and leaves.

I know that wood and leaf textures are rather eclectic, but if you need them you’ll find them at Six Revisions (Wood) (Leaf). They are all large-scale, high resolution and free.

Smashing Free Fonts.

Smashing Magazine does a fantastic job of keeping up-to-date with free fonts. Their latest offering can be found here. Don’t miss the links on this page that point to even more quality free fonts. Smashing.

Free mac freeware.

I’m not even gonna enter into the mac/pc debate, I’m over it. But if you’re a macaholic, DesiznTech has collected 40 mac freeware and open source applications for web designers. Image editors & utilities, text editors, ftp clients and more.

Free Lance.

Freelancers are sometimes a solitary lot. Sure they socialise in real life and on social media, but there are sites out there where they can broaden their horizons. FreelanceFolder has found 30 sites that have plugins, tools, blogs, forums, job boards and social networking sites beneficial to freelancers. Reach out and touch somebody.

Take me out to the ball game.

Sport Photography is highly rewarding, if you’re in the right spot at the right time. Each sport presents different challenges that need different strategies and tactics to achieve best results. If Baseball’s your game, The Digital Photography School has a ripping tutorial you need to read.

The Tutorial Hit Parade (May).

There’s an enormous amount of tutorials, inspirations and resources for the graphic designer on the web. SmashingApps has compiled a list of the best from the month of May. Time to grab a cuppa.

Simply the best.

You see it all the time when you search: professional, high quality or even best photoshop tutorials here. And when you check the site, it leaves you flatter than a pancake. Thank goodness for the Photoshop Lady who provides you with 30 of the best photoshop abstract effect tutorials available. Wham. Bam. Thank you, ma’am.

343,814 free photos.

Business, People, Landscape, Backgrounds and Textures, Lifestyle, Architecture. If you need to find a royalty-free photo quickly, head on over to Photoxpress. At the time of posting, they had 343,814 available and appear to be adding more daily.