June 2009

Web Design 101.

When designing websites, it pays to understand the fundamentals. myInkBlog asserts that there are four major design principles in web design; contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity. He proceeds to explain and illustrate examples of each principle very clearly.

Effective type effects.

The power of Photoshop really shines when applied to typography. If you’re looking for inspiration, or want to know how it’s done, check out Design Shard. They have 18 awesome Photoshop text effect tutorials for you to play with.

Shaping up with Photoshop.

We’re all familiar with Photoshop brushes, but what about Photoshop shapes? Custom shape sets are real time-savers and fun to use. NaldzGraphics offers 30+ useful Photoshop custom shapes sets for you to download.

Background relief.

Creating your own repeating background can be a tedious process. But there are solutions for these background woes, and TutorialBlog comes to the rescue with ten quick and dirty tricks to ease your pain.

Oriental graphics.

Those who have a passion for graphic design love to see examples from around the globe, as well as from the past. A Journey Round My Skull is just such an aficianado and has an extraordinary collection of early 20th century Japanese Book and Magazine covers for your enjoyment.

The font squirrel.

FontSquirrel aims to be the best resource for high-quality, commercial-use, free fonts. A lofty aspiration indeed! At this stage, they have over 340 font families that are well categorised. Certainly worth checking out.

Type that dares to be different.

Yep, we sure have lots of free fonts from which to choose. Then along comes a collection of 20 creative and unique typefaces that shake the foundations. You’ll find them at Six Revisions. Typeface No.2 is a little bit ewww.

Chasing shadows.

Photographing shadows can produce some enigmatic (and fun) results. There’s a nice little collection at Protinuss for your inspiration. It makes me feel like chasing shadows with my camera handy.

Efficiency in web development.

Speed and efficiency in web development seperates the hacks from the pros. And of course, the pros have a handy toolbox of useful utilities they can use. NetTuts+ provides 20 tools to make your life easier, and more professional.

Photo Magic.

Photo Manipulation is one of the really strong sides of Photoshop and it is almost possible to create any idea you can come up with. Step-by-step tutorials allow you to learn at your own pace, and TripWireMagazine provides 75+ tutorials to inspire you. Stunning stuff.