January 2011

The anatomy of a WordPress theme.

With all the WordPress theme frameworks that arose over the past few years, you’d almost forget what a normal WordPress theme looks like. Almost, because Yoast has got your back and they’re about to remind you! Check out their anatomy of a WordPress theme infographic.

A Beginner’s look into HTML5.

HTML5, which has been in development for more than six years, comes with a great number of new elements. These new elements are supported by almost all of the popular browsers. But what’s new in HTML5? TestKing explains what you need to know.

WordPress Magazine Themes to start a Professional Magazine.

TripwireMagazine has collected more than 75 of the best magazine style themes for WordPress. Some of the themes listed in this post are premium, however the themes have been picked only because they are good and worth using for building an online magazine. Take action now and get your Online Magazine started.

Why your Form Buttons should never say Submit.

When you see a Sub­mit but­ton on a form, what comes to your mind? One could eas­ily rea­son that click­ing the but­ton sub­mits the user’s infor­ma­tion into the sys­tem for pro­cess­ing. A Sub­mit but­ton describes what the sys­tem does well, but it doesn’t describe what the user does at all. UxMovement explains why you should never say Submit.

Getting started with HTML Emails.

HTML emails are a great way to keep clients posted on the latest updates related to your business or product, but they’re a bit tricky. CSS support in email clients is inconsistent. As a result, we must resort to ancient techniques, such as using tables, and inline CSS. NetTutsPlus walks you through the process of creating simple HTML emails.

How to organize your content with WordPress Custom Taxonomies.

Well organized content could just make the difference between someone browsing your site or leaving right away. WpCandy gives his own recommendations on how to organize your content first, and then how to actually create any necessary taxonomies for your organizational system.

Seven Myths about Paper Prototyping.

Paper prototyping is probably the best tool we have to design great user experiences. It allows you to involve users early in the design process, shows you how people will use your system before you’ve written any code, and supports iterative design. So why are some design teams still resistant to using it? Here are seven objections UserFocus has heard to paper prototyping and why each one is mistaken

Interpreting Web Analytics for Beginners.

Web analytics tools are abundant, but in order to use such tools effectively, you need to decide what information you need and how to interpret it correctly. After that you then need to make the necessary changes to your web site in order to attract more visitors and improve your search engine rankings. TestKing takes you back to basics.

Creative Facebook Profile page designs.

With the new release of Facebook pages many people are getting very creative with their own profile pictures. InspirationFeed showcase some creative profile page designs for you to get inspired, and hopefully make your very own.

December 2010

Elements of a Facebook Page for your Design Business.

If you are a freelancer or a professional graphic designer and your design job is to make promotional materials like brochures, business cards, flyers or post cards etc., a Facebook business page can help you a lot in not only promoting your business but also in finding new clients. DzinePress discusses a few elements that every designer should consider before they start designing a Facebook business page for their business.