February 2011

What’s new in WordPress 3.1 (“Reinhardt) Features and Screenshots.

In September, WpBeginner wrote an article about What’s Coming in WordPress 3.1 (Features) to give you an sneak peak on the features that might be included. In this article, they show you exactly what made it in the release in terms of features with cool screenshots, and what features did not make it in.

Beautifully designed Tumblr Themes.

DesignShack not only features a ton of great free Themes, but an additional selection of Premium Themes for anyone who needs to go that extra mile. Nice to see some fresh stuff.

Understanding CSS Selectors.

Do you suffer from unnecessary classes and ids, inefficient selectors and jumbled markup? ScriptJunkie shares her knowledge to enlighten you about CSS Selectors.

Best Retro and Vintage WordPress Themes.

WpCandy has found that the WordPress community has produced far too few Retro and Vintage themes. Some are extremely high quality, others are bland. Some are free and some are paid. The purpose of this post is to act as an ever-growing collection of all Retro and Vintage themes available for WordPress

17 ways to simplify ‘Sign Up’.

Account creation, or “sign up”, is vital to many web businesses – yet it’s a pain for most web users. Baymard presents 17 ways to simplify your sign up process and make it more user-friendly.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Login Page.

Login forms are very simple in terms of the required elements. But some of the elements that could be valuable to your users (or potential members) are often neglected. Let’s take a look at what CssGlobe thinks are necessary elements.

Beautiful Grey Palette Inspired Websites.

Gray/Grey is widely used in web design. Gray us used for background color, link, link hover and much more. DesiznTech showcase some of the most  beautifully orchestrated  websites using gray.

The WordPress Post Thumbnail explained.

In this tutorial, Nenuno explains how to add post thumbnails to your articles and showcases easyly with the WordPress 2.9 framework that everyone seems to prefer.

Inspiring examples of Slideshows in Web Design.

From a technology standpoint, the popularity of jQuery has made it almost too easy to implement a slideshow. It seems like there is a new jQuery slider plugin released every week. If you’re thinking about incorporating a slideshow in your next web project, WebDesignLedger have got some inspiration for you.

How to design a clean and minimal WordPress Theme.

This is the first post of a three part series by DesignWoop, in which they walk you through the three key stages of creating your own unique WordPress Theme. In this post they create the design for the WordPress theme in Photoshop, next week they will be converting the PSD to HTML and in the third week making the site function in WordPress.