April 2011

Showcase of excellent Graphic Email Newsletter Designs.

Email newsletters are a powerful medium to maintain an extra connection with your audience beyond just the reach of your website alone. DesignUnder has a load of some exceptional Graphic Email Newsletter Designs for your inspiration.

Powerful New CSS Techniques and Tools.

Over the last months, we’ve seen Web designers creating and presenting a plethora of truly remarkable CSS techniques and tools. SmashingMagazine have collected, analyzed, curated and feature the latest useful resources for your convenience, so you can use them right away or save them for future reference.

100 free Tumblr Themes of 2011.

Tumblr’s uniqueness and quickness in solving problems associated with micro blogging, is enough to surpasses its competitors. TechnologyToSoftware has pulled together some of the great and best Tumblr themes.

Adapting a Website for the Asian Market.

Getting a foothold in countries such as China, India and Japan means access to billions of potential new clients. But creating a successful website for the Asian market also requires a good understanding of the cultural differences of your audiences. InstantShift provides some guidelines.

Most wanted Ajax Tutorials for upcoming Web Designers.

Ajax uses a combination of HTML and CSS to mark up and style information. This post at Psdtohtmlguide is for all the upcoming web designers because it has a huge compilation of the best and most wanted Ajax tutorials. But be warned, the website is going to hurt your eyes.

Sweet and tasty Food Inspired Website Designs.

MyInkBlog has 50 sweet & tasty website designs, all inspired by or related to food, ranging from cupcake websites to restaurants, bakeries and more. Delicious.

Creating awesome Web Forms in Flash.

If you want to make a flash web form on your own and you do not want to flip through pages of ‘super-heavy’ computer books, then just go through this article at Designmodo. By the time you are finished reading it, you would be all set to make a web form on your own!

Saturation in Web Design.

The whole point of a website is to be unique, not to follow others or to offer a usable yet generic and lifeless layout. With this in mind, WebDesignerDepot examines how the compulsion to overuse certain design conventions and patterns could favorably or adversely affect users.

How to spot and avoid Web Copy that kills Websites.

If the web content is good, it conveys the right messages, and helps boost online presence, traffic and conversion rates. If the content misses the mark, it can damage or even destroy the website, and all that time and effort (not to mention credibility) goes down the toilet. WebDesignerDepot presents an outline of common web copy culprits that kill websites, and how to spot and avoid them.

Event Invitation Websites for your inspiration.

Invitations can be seen not only on paper, but also done in web designs. Some web designers and web developers see this as an opportunity to create innovative ideas by making wedding invitations, events and conferences on the web. WebDesignerAid presents a showcase entitled ’20 Awesome Examples of Event Invitation Websites’ for your inspiration.