May 2011

Why is it worth paying for WordPress Plugins?

With plugins, WordPress turned extendability into an art. Whatever is left out of the core system can go into a plugin. In fact, most of today’s core functionality started as independent plugins. But, where are these plugins coming from? Who’s writing them and for what reason? TheNextWeb explores the world of WordPress Plugins.

Facebook Fan Page Designs and Practices.

There has not been a “Standard” or “Correct” way that a fan page should looks like. However, there has been many companies that impliment the idea in their own way and have found success. They don’t just ask their users to like them, they provide a social relationship with their fans and reward them. While looking through the following pages at InspirationFeed, take notes of the interaction and posting frequency.

April 2011

JavaScript – Common Mistakes.

No matter how much JavaScript has emerged, the ground rules of the script haven’t changed – maintainable, solid and secure JavaScript. RtDesignGroup presents some common JavaScript mistakes that should be kept in mind while developing JavaScript code.

Showcase of outstanding Responsive Web Designs.

These websites at Line25 not only look great at full scale monitor resolution, but are designed to gracefully scale according to the user’s screen size. Resize you browser, view the site on a smartphone, tablet or netbook and you’ll see the same design in a range of well presented formats.

30 excellent Education websites.

In this post, WebDesignBurn are showcasing a collection of 30 excellent examples of educational websites. Most of the themes utilize cool typography, elegant design and beautiful colors

Showcase of Creative Navigation Menus: Good and Bad Examples.

SmashingMagazine present some interesting examples of website navigation menus — they are not necessarily very usable, but they are certainly inspiring and original and thus you could build your designs upon the ideas presented here.

Why Spacing is crucial in web design.

Creating appropriate spacing when designing websites can be difficult – especially when dealing with fonts, colours and images. Excellent spacing can take your website from “okay” to excellent, and JannaHagan has some tips to effectively implement proper use of white space when designing your next website.

A Beginner’s Guide to Landing Pages.

Creating effective landing pages isn’t the same as crafting a successful website or email newsletter. There are certain guidelines you should adhere to in order to maximize your page’s success. KissMetrics has a useful guide.

Great Art Movements that inspired Modern Web Designers.

Designers, as a whole, get their ideas of beauty and aesthetics by viewing paintings, sculptures and artworks from the most powerful art movements in history. 1stWebDesigner presents some of the top art movements in the 20th century that helped shape how we view art and beauty.

17 quality free Magazine WordPress Themes.

CharmingWP introduce some free magazine style WordPress themes that have been released during the last few months, They’re fresh and compatible with the latest WordPress version, and also support the new features.