June 2011

20 superb examples of Photoblogs.

A photoblog is a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog. It differs from a blog through the predominant use of and focus on photographs rather than text. TopDesignMag has collected 20 superb examples of photoblogs.

Showcase of outstanding Conference Web Designs.

There seems to be polar opposites in the style of website designs for web conferences. Some are bland and boring, while others really stand out with eye catching designs and easily digestible information. Line25 rounds up over 20 of the most outstanding website designs for web related conferences from 2010-2011.

Getting Started with Defensive Web Design.

A good design assumes that people make mistakes. A bad one leaves visitors stuck at a dead end because they mistyped one character. The best professionals account for this with smart, defensive design strategies (also known as contingency design). SmashingMagazine explains how to get started with Defensive Web Design.

May 2011

Instant Attention in Web Design.

OneExtraPixel examines how some beautiful sites get that spark of attention from users, why it’s worth giving your site a central focus point, and more importantly, how our attention is not always limited to that first glance.

Creative examples of Sliders in Web Design.

Adding sliders to your website is a good idea, if done properly, as it significantly adds dynamism and attractiveness to your overall web design. 2ExpertsDesign have summarized an inspirational collection of 55 truly amazing sliders incorporated into web designs

How to choose the perfect WordPress Theme for your Business Website.

More and more smaller companies opt for a blogging platform to build their websites, especially because it doesn’t take too much IT knowledge to deal with. Designmodo share some tips on how to choose the perfect WordPress theme for a business website.

Useful jQuery Tutorials from 2011.

Web developers have created some great jQuery tutorials and AcrisDesign list some of the 2011 tutorials which really stand out from the tradition javascript effect tutorials.

Innovative techniques to simplify Sign-Ups and Log-Ins.

Most designers are familiar with the conventional ways to design sign-up and log-in forms. But understanding and applying a few innovative techniques could make your forms simpler and more efficient to fill out. SmashingMagazine presents a couple of new ideas that might be useful for your next designs.

Dos and don’ts for designing Email Newsletters.

Email is one of the oldest forms of online communication, and one that hasn’t evolved much since it’s inception due to it’s use on a wide variety of devices and a lack of solid formatting standards. WebDesignerDepot guides you through the various dos and don’ts for designing Email Newsletters.

Designing for Different Age Groups.

Age is an influential factor on the web in terms of not only psychology, but also accessibility, usability, and user interface design. Many other variables can affect your designs, but SixRevisions focuses on the difference that age can make in creating a website.