December 2010

27 of the best CSS And HTML Frameworks

DesignYourWay has searched all the possible CSS frameworks to see what they are bringing new, and how they are helping the community. They then selected the best of them for other unfortunate designers or developers out there who don’t have their hands on a CSS grid framework.

100 exceedingly useful CSS Tips and Tricks.

You can never have too much of a good thing–and two good things we rely on in our work are tips and tricks. Nuggets of information, presented clearly and succinctly, help us build solutions and learn best practices. SixRevisions showcase 100 fresh–and hopefully useful–CSS tips and tricks.

Ten reasons to rethink your website.

Websites don’t last forever. Without consistent upkeep, sometimes they barely even make it three years! The rapid change of web technology can overtake what was once state-of-the-art and reduce a website to a quaint relic in pretty short order. Imprint has identified ten very good reasons to rebuild it.

Sensationally designed Monochromatic Color Scheme Websites.

Monochromatic websites are basically the combination of colours using different shades of a single color. In the following showcase at Kitaro10, you can view web sites with blue, orange, yellow, green, red, purple, pink, greyscale, brown and black as the predominant color they use.

A Study of Trends in Mobile Design.

The aim of this article at SmashingMagazine is to showcase the variety of methods in which some of today’s most popular websites provide an interactive and (hopefully) useful mobile experience for their end users. With statistics and some really interesting revelations on the diversity of modern design, you can be excited about the future of mobile Web design!

Five Online Community Killers to avoid at all costs.

Today’s online communities are beautiful to look at and easy to join, but the real trick is getting users to participate, and many sites are still struggling to keep users engaged. Mashable presents the top five issues that drive users away from online communities.

Email Design Best Practices.

Everyone who uses email has seen a plain-text email with no formatting. You can definitely still send plain-text emails to your subscribers, but in this article, Sitepoint talks about emails of the HTML variety.

Text-overflow CSS3 property explained.

The introduction of CSS3 brings revolutionary changes to the day-to-day life of web designers. There are so many crazy new features that CSS3 has in store for us. Things which were usually done with complex javascript code can now be easily done with CSS3. DeepuBalan presents one such feature known as Text-Overflow.

November 2010

Persuasion Triggers in Web Design.

Cognitive biases play a significant role in the way we make decisions, so it’s not surprising that people are now examining these biases to see how to exploit them in the design of web sites. SmashingMagazine uses the term ‘persuasion architects’ to describe designers who knowingly use these techniques to influence the behaviour of users. They discuss the main weapons of influence in the persuasion architect’s arsenal.

The Fundamentals of Minimalist Web Design.

When it comes to web design, minimalism tends to be one of the most difficult styles to pull off for a lot of the online populous, though still an extremely popular one. Pelfusion presents a few of the fundamentals that make this style come together effectively.