April 2011

Turn any Font into a Sketch Font.

There are some popular sketchy fonts available that are great for grungy and hand-drawn designs and illustrations. The problem is, I want to be able to use this sketchy style in any font. Turn’s out, it is actually really easy to do in Illustrator. VecTips will guide you in this classic post.

Create a cool Chrome Text Effect in Illustrator.

Follow this step by step tutorial at SpoonGraphics to create a super cool retro chrome text effect in Illustrator. We’ll use a range of gradients to give the impression of bright highlights, then take the text into Photoshop for some finishing touches.

March 2011

Paper Cards with Ribbons Vector Templates.

VectorEps presents two EPS vector cards with jpg preview – 6 Mb. The cards are a bit old-school, but there are some appealing elements among them.

Illustrator must-know Text Effects.

Most designers use Photoshop to manipulate text as well as graphics but you will be amazed at what you can accomplish with the help of Illustrator. Combining the two will undoubtedly help you produce even more wonderful and creative effects for your designs. Noupe has some excellent tutorials to get you up to speed.

February 2011

Intro to the Gradient Mesh tool in Illustrator.

Gradient Mesh tools are used to create a single multicolored object on which colors can flow in different directions , the color transitions achieved are smooth running from one color to another. LucasCobb provides an introduction to these useful tools.

A collection of free Seamless Vector Patterns.

Patterns help add texture to designs. Such resources are useful for graphic designers in making backgrounds and photo manipulations. Enjoy these seamless patterns at YouTheDesigner.

January 2011

Secret Illustrator Techniques – Vector Artwork Tutorial.

I’m not sure why this is supposed to be ‘secret’, but it’s great for beginners showing how to combine different techniques. The techniques involved in this tutorial at Blueprint are not complicated, and at the end of the article we will use Photoshop to give a final touch. It is interesting to see how a final illustration evolves through these steps.

How to make a Text Mask in Illustrator.

Let’s imagine your boss gives you a commission to create a simple flyer advertising an event. Nothing fancy – just a plain image, some bubbles and a tiny bit of text. The only reservation is that the text must punch out a section of the bubbles and reveal the image underneath. The only problem is that your boss is not exactly sure what they want. Let’s see how the situation develops at VectorTutsPlus.

Illustrator Typography: Using the Appearance Palette.

DesignShack remove some of the mystery of working with strokes and fills by diving into the appearance palette to see not only how it works, but how to manipulate the items within to create some really cool effects.

50 beautiful sets of high-quality Illustrator Brushes.

For a designer, a very important or key tool of designing is his brushes. In this post, SmashingApps have collected 50 sets of high quality Adobe Illustrator Brushes which you can hardly find anywhere else