April 2010

A showcase of colorful Typographic Artworks.

Typographic Posters demonstrate the art of arranging typographic element in the design in such a way that it becomes an integral part of the design. SmashingApps presents a collection of more than 50 Typography Posters for your inspiration

A brief history of Western Typography.

This article at WebDesignerWall aims at providing key facts from the history of western typography supplied with modern font examples, which could represent and illustrate the font styles, specific for each stage of typography development. A history lesson EVERY designer must know.

Beginners Guide to OpenType.

OpenType (OT) is a cross-platform type for­mat that includes expert lay­out fea­tures to pro­vide richer lin­guis­tic sup­port and advanced typo­graphic con­trol. This begin­ners guide at MagnetStudio will help to illus­trate some of the more com­mon fea­tures found in OT fonts and when they should be used.

Serif Fonts and their peculiarities.

Stemming out of the ancient Roman alphabet with the letters carved into stone, Serif fonts have passed a long way of development and evolution. As the result, now we have several types of Serif fonts, each with its own peculiarities and specific features. Noupe enlightens you about the cherished serif.

Different types of fonts (Font Categories).

In this post at NWD, you’ll learn exactly how to classify each type of font into the seven common font categories. Without this knowledge you’ll not only have difficulty mixing and matching the different types of fonts into your website or other design projects, but also will create designs that are almost painful to the eyes (and we don’t want that!).

Brilliantly provocative Typographical Posters and Artworks.

If you’ve recently hit that brick wall of lacking the drive and inspiration to get that design; logo, poster, website off the ground, hopefully these typographical designs will be able to inspire you into completing that project that has been lingering on your desk this week. DesignJuices presents I Love Typography #4.

How to Create Fonts.

Have you ever wondered how you can create your own fonts? ThinkSmartDesigns found this tutorial with very easy steps.This is not the only way to make a hand drawn font. You can also go deeper into the FontLab Studio tutorials. But with this tutorial you will get the idea from the start to finish!

March 2010

The right font for the job – Type Selection.

Why do some fonts cost more than others? Why are there so many versions of the same typeface? How do I know which font is right for the job? FontShop presents four main ways fonts can differ, even if most of their letters look the same.

A few things Gerry has learned about Typeface Design.

Although these observations are strictly personal, Gerry at ILoveTypography offers them in the hope they will prove interesting at least to the people setting up and running new courses in Typeface Design, and the many designers teaching themselves.

Creative and practical uses of the Ampersand.

Bluefaqs has rounded up a lengthy list of attractive and elegant ampersand characters both to provide a little eye candy and to also help inspire your inner creativity. You’ll see a variety of examples of how this symbol is being used in modern times and the many different shapes that it now takes on.