September 2010

How to create a Gothic Blackletter Typographic Design.

Blackletter or gothic script fonts are hugely popular in a range of modern cultures. Metal bands, tattoo artwork and extreme sports brands all make use of the awesome blackletter style. Follow this step by step guide to customizing your own gothic typographic design, SpoonGraphics modify the original vector letters in Illustrator before moving over to Photoshop to add a cool distressed and metal effect finish to the artwork.

Typographic Sins to be avoided.

RayElder is currently an assistant professor of Graphic Design, and he’s identified a bunch of typographic errors to be avoided which he calls Typographic Sins. You can download the Typographic Sins PDF for visual examples of each rule!

August 2010

Beautiful typography in advertising design.

BestPhotoshopTutorials presents a collection of 40 inspirational examples of typography in advertising. There are 40 examples to drool over.

The origins of abc.

Typography is a relatively recent invention, but to unearth the origins of alphabets, we will need to travel much farther back in time, to an era contemporaneous with the emergence of (agricultural) civilisation itself. Ilovetypography presents a wonderful history lesson.

Four techniques for Combining Fonts.

Is there a way to know what fonts will work together? Building a palette is an intuitive process, but expanding a typographic duet to three, four, or even five voices can be daunting. H&FJ have four tips for navigating the typographic ocean.

A Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces.

In a nutshell, Typedia is a community website to classify typefaces and educate people about them. Think of it like a mix between IMDb and Wikipedia, but just for type. Anyone can join, add, and edit pages for typefaces or for the people behind the type.

10 Typefaces from the 80s.

Some typefaces deserve to be buried by the sands of time, but others undeservedly fall by the wayside. CreativePro suggests ten typefaces from before the age of desktop publishing that merit your consideration.

Arabic Typography: 24 beautiful and modern examples.

Arabic Typography may not be the word on everyone’s mouths in the design world, but it sure is making its way there. People might think of it as complicated Islamic verses, but it isn’t. Arabic typography can in fact be very simple and elegant, as proved in this post at TheInspirationBlog.

Wonderful examples of Ornamental Typography.

Ornamental typography has the most distinctive designs of all fonts, and may even incorporate pictures of objects, animals, etc. into the character designs.
BFWR present a collection of wonderful examples of ornamental typography to show you how manipulation of fonts types, sizes and keywords can form a great artwork with inner meaning.

A Web Designer’s Guide to Linux Fonts.

Many people find Linux to be an afterthought as far as target audience is concerned, but Linux is exponentially increasing in popularity as an alternative to other operating systems. … Web design should be bulletproof and your choice of type should be no different. SixRevisions presents a Web Designer’s Guide to Linux Fonts.