July 2009

The beauty of ampersands.

Typography can be a beautiful thing — words positioned strategically on a page; the way letterforms take shape; varying weights on a beautifully designed typeface… and who can overlook the sweeping, magnificent curves and lines of the ampersand? TheDesignCubicle showcases the mesmerizing curves of ampersands. Stunning.

Typography in motion.

The use of typography in video allows us to reclaim the lost art of arranging typefaces in a way that would make an 18th century typesetter’s head spin. This type of art is also known as Kinetic typography, where the text is presented in a manner intended to convey or evoke a particular idea or emotion.

In this compilation from WebDesignerDepot, they showcase 18 creative uses of kinetic typography which include short movies made with After Effects, stop motion animation and other techniques.

Web fonts-where are we?

With all the talk about web fonts, I think it’s time I tried to outline the present situation. Web designers are generally not interested in technical specifications, TrueType hinting instructions, and extended OpenType permissions tables. They have one pressing question: when can I use font x in my web pages?  IloveTypography expands on the topic.

Hand-drawn typography.

Despite the wealth of fonts available to designers today, some opt to devote their time to creating more traditional, beautiful hand-drawn typography. Hand-drawn typography is often very intricate, and best of all each work is totally unique. Check out the 40 examples of incredible hand-drawn typography at PSDFAN.

Typographic objects.

Typography has appeared in product design for many years, usually as a branding exercise. But rarely has it been used purely as a typographic design. Designer-Daily has a collection of 15 objects that use typography. Make sure you check out his previous post.

50 examples of vintage typography.

We cannot compare the typography of 100 years ago to that of today, with the arrival of so many new typefaces, new ways to create fonts as well as new ways to get our artwork out into the world. Even though the application of typography has evolved so much from a century ago until now, the most common use of typography continues to be for ads, store signs, and logos.

At WebDesignDepot, you will find 50 typographic examples that exhibit a range of artistic styles from the last 100 years or so.

Typography in advertising.

When looking for typographic inspiration, advertisements can be an excellent source. In this post Designm.ag features more than 40 advertisements that can provide excellent design inspiration.

Guiding principles of type selection.

Typography is not a science. Typography is an art. There are those who’d like to ‘scientificize’; those who believe that a large enough sample of data will somehow elicit good typography. However, this sausage-machine mentality will only ever produce sausages. IloveTypography enlightens us with the guiding principles of type selection.

Floral typography.

Floral typography is the technique that combines typography, calligraphy and lettering to create dynamic, “flourishing” designs. SmashingMagazine presents a beautiful collection of floral typography and also some outstanding tutorials that will help you to master the technique.

Text as art.

Creative designers can use typography in amazing ways. Designm.ag features inspirational text art from various artists. When you see something you like, click through to see more of their work.