August 2009

Beautiful hand drawn typography.

Beautiful and creative typography can come in a variety of different forms. Hand drawn typography can be an excellent source of inspiration for graphic designers and typography lovers. SmashingMagazine features 40 creations that use hand drawn type. Some have been created completely by hand. Others have been sketched and scanned into Photoshop or Illustrator. Another option is to use fonts that create a hand drawn effect.

Web Typography Style Guide.

Web typography is new. Over the last 10 years we have been learning and refining many aspects of the art, and no doubt we will continue to do this into the future. Web typography has suffered over these years because of a comparison with printed typography. The similarites are of course obvious, but it is the fundamental differences between the two disciplines that have caused problems.

This guide from UsableType covers the basics of good typography on the web, explaining theory behind font choices, and the details of providing accessible and good looking text.

Large fonts in web design.

Web design has its limitations, and as web designers, we’ve been working and learning how to overcome these constraints to create a better solution. Typography is one of our most important assets, and designers are ready to apply old concepts learned from print design, and apply them to the web. Abduzeedo showcases the impact of large fonts in web design.

Signage, street and urban typography showcase.

Looking for design inspiration on CSS and logo galleries and similar sites is great, but sometimes you need to take a good look outside the window and see what’s out there and get your creative juices flowing. Being a typography addict, SpyreStudios is always looking for some examples of great-looking typography, and they’ve always liked signage and street typography. So, here are 45 great examples!

25 fonts that will last your whole design career.

Eric Gill, Adrian Frutiger and Max Miedinger are names we associate with the classic typefaces designers use on a daily basis. Their font creations are timeless designs that look right at home no matter what century we’re in. This collection of 25 classic fonts at SpoonGraphics is a round up of the best and most popular fonts every designer should own. You can be sure that they will last your whole design career.

Type Styles, Weights and Widths.

Because of the dramatic techno­logical changes that occurred in the type industry in the previous century, defin­i­tions of typographic terms have shifted. For example, the terms typeface and font are now often used inter­changeably. A similar thing happens when talking about typefaces and type families, and styles, weights, and widths. FontFeed looks at how individual typefaces/fonts relate to each other.

Typographic eye-candy.

Being a big fan of typography, it’s rather thrilling when people find fresh ways to make inspirational art based on words pieced together. While some of the pieces featured at BuildInternet are simply a catchphrase or random text, also pay attention to those that do have meaning scattered about within them. In any case, they are pretty neat to look at.

Typography inspiration part 1.

So much can be done with a simple line of text. Some artists are able to transform something so simple into true forms of art. TheRoxor has selected 20 beautiful examples of typography for your design inspiration.

July 2009

10 typography tips for web designers.

An often overlooked aspect of web design, especially by those just starting out, is typography. In fact, web designers that have been around for a couple years even have a tendency to overlook and undervalue the power of typography. Don’t be mistaken though, it’s one of the most powerful tools web designers have. In this article by ThemeForest, we’ll review ten web typography tips that will bring your typographic design skills to the next level.

Typography 101.

Typography is not merely a matter of selecting some pretty font. It is a centuries old craft that has a rich and colorful history, and it’s imperative that genuine ‘Typographers” understand the various type ‘styles’ from different eras. Head on over to Typophile to get started with Typography 101. Whilst there, I urge you to sign up for a free account.