March 2010

Cool and useful Dingbat fonts.

There are a lot of very cool Dingbat fonts out there that can be used for a variety of things. Ornaments, decoration, patterns, silhouettes and much more. The cool thing about them, is you can convert to outlines, and you’ve got yourself a very cool vector to play with. ThinkDesign recommends a list of 46 Dingbat fonts that can be used for all sorts of things.

The Measure of Type.

Agates. Ciceros. Nuts. Even people who use type every day may not know these weird and obscure measuring terms for the job of setting type. But once you understand them, you can tap into their power to make your work better and easier. CreativePro provides you with a comprehensive article.

30 Blog designs with killer Typography.

A killer design is one thing – but one that also uses the right typography is on a whole other level compared to those that just ‘look pretty’. So today SpyreStudios shows you 30 awesome blog designs that have killer typography and also do a well rounded job of making things look nice and also making things readable.

February 2010

How to solve Typographic Widows and Orphans.

Short and misplaced lines — known as widows and orphans — are layout problems, but they have typographic solutions. You’ll find them at CreativePro.

Typography quick tips.

Type Tips is a growing collection of quick and short tips on web typography, to take your web design to the next level typographically. It was designed, built and authored by Harry Roberts, a 19 year old web developer and type geek at CssWizardry.

Taking type to the next level with Alternate Characters.

Many OpenType fonts have alternate characters built into them that can transform your type into a beautiful piece of art. By using these alternate characters you can add things like flourishes and flair to your type with ease. Some type faces have alternate characters that can help out with legibility at smaller sizes. Even some handwritten fonts have alternate characters to change the style of a characters to make it seem more handwritten. MediaMilitia takes a deep dive into using alternate characters.

I Love Typography No.2.

This second round-up from DesignJuices shows off the best in typography in all forms styles, quality is of the highest callibre and the various approaches range for the conventional to the unique.

Fonts – Getting it Right.

There are times when a font you never thought you would use fits the bill perfectly – you will probably never use it again! On the other hand, there are fonts you will use over and over again. So what makes a font right for the job?  GraphicTuts presents a list of 20 of the fonts she has recently used – they are all free and downloadable, and they have all worked well for her, but she is sure you will clearly see that not one of them could work for every project! After the font list, she lists the tutorials where she has used the fonts.

Old vs Neue. The study of a famous font and his bastard brother.

In 2007 a very popu­lar film was crea­ted to docu­ment the 50th anni­ver­sary of this pro­li­fic face.2 Accor­ding to not-a-few accounts3 this film only ser­ved to fan the flame of what may have been a pas­sing resur­gence of a fad into an all-out neo-modernist revi­val in the usage of the face. Who can com­plain? Hel­ve­tica is a gift from the Swiss gods of type design. But what of the bastard brother…Helvetica Neue? TravisNeilson presents an excellent analysis.

“The Ultimate Guide” to CSS Typography.

Typography is often overlooked in today’s design specifically by web developers. It really is a shame because CSS gives us so much control over our type. That being said, we are limited to certain “web safe” typefaces but that shouldn’t decrease our creativity. ThreeStyles presents a few CSS tips for typography on the web.