June 2010

Top 10 Photo Fixing and Image Editing Tricks.

You probably know what Photoshop disasters look like, but your photos can benefit from more subtle and elegant touch-ups. With these tools and techniques at Lifehacker, you can sharpen, texturize, re-contextualize, and remove tourists, among other problems, from your shots worth saving.

Get started with Photoshop – 15 basic detailed guides.

Photoshop can do wonders, but can be quite daunting to Beginners. Slodive have come up with some detailed guides to brush up your Basic skills and thus making you confident enough to jump to an advanced level with ease.

Create a distressed vector Typographic Poster design.

Follow this step by step walkthrough of Spoongraphic’s recent design process for the ‘Spectrum’ poster. Starting with custom made type in Illustrator, we’ll move our vector graphics into Photoshop for some serious distressing with Photoshop brushes, blending modes and more!

May 2010

Create Seamless Web Background Textures in minutes.

Ever wondered how some web designers come up with such great background textures? It’s actually way easier than you might think. It only takes a few minutes and a single Photoshop filter that you’ve probably never used. DesignShack presents the step by step instructions for creating tileable textures out of almost any image.

Remove the background without removing the hair.

Many people want to delete the background of their picture, but they have difficulty if the picture has hair flying in the air and they don’t want to delete this hair. StunningMesh tells you how you can remove the background without removing the Hair.

A different type of Vintage: 40s Movie Inspired Retro.

One of the most popular styles of late is the vintage look. So, in today’s tutorial EchoEnduring is going to show you how to pull off a 40s movie inspired look for your next project.

Six techniques to extract anything from its background.

While it’s simple to extract a geometric figure from its background, it is difficult to do the same with a tree or a blonde flowing hair model. There is not a unique approach to this topic, but several techniques in according with the nature of the object to be extracted. Wegraphics presents extraction techniques that will allow you to isolate and extract almost anything.

Teeth Whitening Photoshop Tutorial.

This is TutorialBlog’s second tutorial on the subject of photo-retouching, in the last we learned how to retouch skin, in this we will be whitening some teeth without the need to go near a nasty dentist. I wish it were so simple in real life.

Remove Moiré Patterns in Photoshop.

Moiré patterns have been a source of frustration for photographers and artists ever since man learned to capture digital images. They are most often a problem for scanned images or digital photos of cloths with interweaving patterns such as tweed and houndstooth. Go to TutorialBlog to learn how to remove them.

Photoshop: Working with CMYK Ink Density.

In offset lithography, your designs are replicated on paper by little dots of ink of various colors. These little dots of ink hit the paper in what is known as a halftone pattern. How much they overlap is called “ink density”, and is something that you can control in Photoshop. TutorialBlog explains the process in detail.