July 2010

Unraveling the science behind the Photoshop Blend Modes.

Whether you are a beginner trying to unravel the mysteries of Photoshop or an established digital artist/photographer, you will soon discover the blending modes in your layers palette and wonder what you could have done without them. Blend modes in digital image editing are used to determine how two Layers are blended into each other, and Richworks have an excellent tutorial to explain the science.

Adjusting skin tones in Photoshop.

Adjusting skin tones in a photo can be anything from someone coming out looking a bit overly red to hiding a rash that isn’t normally there. There are many ways to fix these things but the method DigiDiversity shows you is simple and fast. A few adjustment layers with some masking can fix all sorts of issues in no time at all.

June 2010

Simple Image Blending technique in Photoshop.

There are many ways to blend images together in Photoshop. But as a start, let’s find out the easiest way to do this for all the beginners out there who just discovered Photoshop. Of course, as you move forward, you’ll figure out how to use brushes for extra impact on your blended image or add textures for interesting result. But Layer Mask and Gradient Tool are two basic techniques to get you started with image blending. BPT has the goods.

Unraveling the science behind the Photoshop Blend Modes.

Blend modes in digital image editing are used to determine how two Layers are blended into each other. When you use the blending mode, you are actually hiding one layer within the other. Richworks explains the science behind this wonderful tool.

Photoshop Tutorials for attractive Photo Effects.

Whether you want to sharpen your Photoshop skills, or are looking for some attractive Photo Effects, Noupe has a superb collection of 40 tutorials that will keep you off the streets for quite awhile. Have fun.

50 Modern Retro & Vintage Design Tutorials.

In this article at ThemeFlash, we go back to the 1900s all the way to the 1980s to showcase a variety of retro and vintage inspired designs that involve poster art, collages and graphical elements. With so many tutorials to choose from, I’m sure there’s something here for everyone to test their skillz.

Quick Tip: Colorize a Comic Strip with Photoshop.

Converting a rough sketch into a polished piece of digital art might not be as hard as you think. In today’s quick tip tutorial, PsdTutsPlus will demonstrate how to import a sketch into Photoshop and color it! Let’s get started!

Selective Color: The Quick and Easy Way.

Selective color is a cool post-processing technique that can really make your subject and photo stand out. You might have seen a photo where one thing might be in color and the rest of the photo is all in monotone (black and white or sepia). Photoble shows you how to achieve this effect in Photoshop by using a quick and easy technique.

High quality categorized Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials.

This article at TripwireMagazine is one of the largest categorized collections of Text Effect Tutorials you will be able to find. All tutorials have large preview images and all links have been verified today. Don’t forget to bookmark, share and come back because this “elephant post” must be cut up and consumed in smaller slices!

Reflecting Text and Images in Photoshop.

In this ANCIENT tutorial at TutorialBlog, you will learn how to create a very modern and attractive mirror image effect which can be used with text and images. The effect will replicate that of an object sitting on a spotlessly clean reflective surface.