April 2011

The Liquify Tool in Photoshop.

This video tutorial at PictureSocial discusses the basics of using Photoshop’s Liquify Filter along with showing you many situations where the tool can be very handy. Some scenarios where many people use the liquify tool include reshaping clothing, hair, or facial features.

The Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool.

In this article, DesignMag covers some of the useful and interesting things that you should know about the Clone Stamp. It’s one of his favorite tools to use for both small touchups and full blown photo manipulations.

Create an awesome Burning Text effect in Photoshop.

FrancescoMugnai created an awesome Burning Text effect and posted it on his Facebook page. He asked his fans if they wanted a tutorial on how to create the effect, and the response was a resounding ‘yes’. Here’s the tutorial.

Create a Comic Book effect.

In this tutorial, CarlosViloria manipulates a picture so that it looks like a Comic Book. It is quite easy to create by applying a few filters and a combination of layers.

An Introduction to Tilt-Shift Photography.

Tilt-shift effects are done either optically, via a special (and expensive) lens, or more usually, in Photoshop. The procedure in Photoshop is not complicated; it can be accomplished in as little as one minute by those with experience such as DPS who has a tutorial.

Designing for the iPad without an iPad.

What do you do when you don’t actually have an iPad to test your designs on? Are the buttons big enough, is the line-height too small? You get the drift. SickDesigner has a quick and dirty way of getting as close as possible to how your design will look and feel on an iPad without actually having one.

How to create a Favicon for your website.

In this tutorial, PhotoshopEase shows you step by step how to create and integrate an icon for your website or blog with Adobe Photoshop. All it takes is a few minutes of your time, a website or blog and perhaps extremely good vision to work in a 16 x 16 pixel workspace.

How to create Fake X-Ray effects.

DigitalArts shows you how to re-assemble the inner workings of a computer mouse using a variety of blending modes to reveal hidden detail and create a realistic X-Ray effect. This is a great technique that works with almost any technical appliance that can be dismantled.

March 2011

Innovative and creative Text Effect Tutorials.

SpyreStudios have a selection of thirty great tutorials from across the design community, ready for you to follow and pick up tons of new techniques.

Incredible Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials

Retro is a very popular trend in web and print design that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. That is why WebExpedition18 have selected some of the best retro and vintage Photoshop tutorials for you to play with.