December 2009

Manipulating the color of an automobile in Photoshop.

PhotoTutsPlus has a client who’s automotive collection he shoots from time to time. All of his collection so far has been authentic restorations, so the color of the vehicle is always exactly what it was from the factory. But he had been telling me about his next project which would be “street modified”, not aiming for the traditional stock look. He had no idea what different colors would look like on his vehicle and didn’t want to make a mistake on an $8,000 paint job. Photshop to the rescue.

Creating Smoke.

Abduzeedo had previously thought about what would be the best way to create smoke in Photoshop. He’s read some tutorials online, and watched some episodes of the amazing pixelPerfect podcast, to find a good and easy solution for the matter at hand. Actually it was easier than he had expected. See for yourself.

Better Drop Shadows in Photoshop.

Most real sheets of paper and card are not completely flat, but a standard Photoshop drop shadow can make an object look like its floating in mid air a lot of the time. However, a slightly curved or rolled page, a folded corner or a small crease is enough to go from looking too ‘Photoshop’ to looking quite natural. Using Photoshop’s ‘Selection’ tools you can crop your basic drop-shadows to make them appear much more realistic and more 3 dimensional. DesignReviver shows you the way.

How to fix White Balance in Photoshop.

Don’t let annoying white balance blight what is an otherwise excellent image. Simply bring the Levels palette into play. When you have white balance issues, you will see a colour cast occur when one of the RGB colours is stronger than the others and usually happens when photos are taken under artificial light. With fluorescent lights this is often green and with tungsten lighting it will be yellow. PhotshopSupport presents a tutorial about how to fix White Balance in Photoshop

Getting to know Clipping Masks and Layer Masks in Photoshop.

Today at MyInkBlog, we are going to look at two of Photoshop’s primary masking techniques – layer masks and clipping masks. We’ll be comparing the two by looking at how they work on a practical level, the basic similarities, and the much more significant differences. Finally, we’ll look at how we can actually get the two different types of masks to work together in a design.

Extremely helpful Photo Editing Cheat Sheets.

When working in any photo manipulation package, and especially when first starting out, it is very important to develop good habits. One habit you need to develop early is the use of shortcut keys instead of menu buttons. This will dramatically increase speed once you practice and get use to it. To help in your quest for increased productivity ThePhotoArgus presents a list of some of the best cheat sheets you can find for Photoshop, PS Lightroom, PS Elements, Aperture, and Gimp.

How to achieve porcelain skin with Natural Airbrushing in Photoshop.

Have you been dubbed the “Photoshop Whiz” in your family and have been put in the hot seat to make Aunt Matilda look youthful and vibrant? Or perhaps you are browsing through the shots you’ve recently taken of a client and now realize that the lighting was a bit too harsh. Worry not, because ThePhotoArgus will have your photos looking smooth, clear, and give you airbrushed skin that still looks “au naturel”.

November 2009

Change Hair Color Photoshop Tutorial.

In this tutorial, CSScreme teaches you how to change hair color using Photoshop CS4. This is an easy and fun tutorial suitable for all levels of proficiency. Have fun while you gaze at Jennifer Aniston’s beaming visage.

Look like Apple, Part 1: Brushed Aluminium.

In this tutorial, FreelanceReview shows you an easy way to create a brushed aluminum metal effect in Photoshop that mimics the classy look of Apple’s high-end laptops. The settings in this tutorial are tailored for the web, but with a few small tweaks will work just as well for print.

Making a Stencil from a photo.

A few months ago, TipSquirrel was playing with Photoshop and made a couple of stencil pictures out of stock photos so he thought he’d do a short tutorial on how to make them. He also provides links to his previous stencils and source files for the tutorial.