March 2010

Spot Color: From Photoshop to InDesign.

In this video tutorial, LayersMagazine takes an image and uses Channels to create a spot color version which he then takes over to InDesign ready for printing.

30 Outstanding T-Shirt Design Tutorials and Tips.

In this latest post by NaldzGraphics, you will see a collection of 30 Outstanding T Shirt Design Tutorials and Tips for t-shirt designers out there who are finding ways and means to create the perfect t shirt design. Take a look at the tips provided by seasoned designers and apply some of these to your latest creation.

How to use Curves in Photoshop for image editing.

The curves adjustment tool is an integral part of every professional’s knowledge base and image editing package. Even if you’ve taken a good photo, chances are it can be improved or it needs to be adjusted to work in a collage or collection. Or even to just to intensify a mood. You can always make a good thing better – and curves is a one-stop-shop way to do that. Tutorial9 explains.

Using Light and Shade to bring text to life.

The best book I’ve ever read on drawing is one called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain”. After reading it, I’m still pretty bad at drawing, but I did learn a lot about light and shade. In this tutorial at PsdTutsPlus, we are going to take some very basic principles of light and shade to make a rather impressive-looking text effect.

Burnt Wood Text Effect – Photoshop Tutorial.

In this Photoshop text effect tutorial at VisualSwirl, we’ll be creating a grungy, burnt wood text treatment. We’ll go over some basic blending modes and use some filters and layer styles to create a  look that would be perfect for a Hollywood movie poster .

February 2010

Reduce and remove wrinkles (without Botox).

In this Photoshop Elements tutorial we’ll see not so much how to remove wrinkles but reduce them. You can take years off of a person’s age by removing wrinkles. But like bad plastic surgery you might end up with a picture that barely resembles the person. EPE adds an extra step at the end that will help make it look more natural.

The School of Photoshop Tutorial series.

Ready to take that big leap into the world of Photoshop? It may seem really intimidating at first, which is why Tutorial9 has put together the School of Photoshop Tutorial series. With the help of these structured lessons, you’ll be a master of Photoshop in no time!

The Comprehensive Guide to Saving Images for the web.

SixRevisions focuses primarily on the diverse features of Photoshop’s “Save for Web & Devices” command along with some best practices related to saving images that are optimized for web use. They start extremely basically for all the beginners, but there will be plenty of advanced information for the seasoned veterans as we progress.

Adding a Metallic Toning Effect to your Portraits.

Not sure what to call this effect. It makes the color of the portrait quite metallic, like your skin was made of silver, bronze or maybe copper. BestPhotoshop has seen it a couple of times in magazines when they have a big portrait of a stranger spread on a full page. So maybe it’s about time he wrote something about this effect. Yes it is.

Censor your images with a Mosaic in Photoshop.

You frequently see censored images in newspapers, magazines and on the television. Pixelation is most often used to blur out the features of people to preserve their privacy. Whether it’s to protect the children of celebrities, a car number plate or a person’s private parts that have wrestled their way out of their clothes, there is a Photoshop filter to help censor those images. Sitepoint describes really quick way to give your images that censored look using the Pixelate filter in Photoshop.