May 2010

Separating complex objects from their background.

You can find a lot of tutorials how to separate complex objects from the background. But PhotshopStar would like to invite your attention to another unique simple tutorial on how to achieve the desired effect in just a few steps. He got this method by experimenting.

Creating Retro Folded Typography using Photoshop.

In this Photoshop tutorial, DesignInstruct create retro-looking text that seems like it’s constructed using folded strips of paper. They’re going to step away from the computer a little bit and use a real model as a reference for the project. Prepare yourself to heavily rely on Photoshop’s Lasso Tool, as well as some other basic tools and simple techniques.

Etiquette and Tips of a Photoshop Rockstar Designer.

With the abundance of online resources, tutorials, blogs and articles which keep on excavating the trade of Photoshoping, anybody with passion and readiness to work hard can become a pro over time. But what does it take to transition from just a pro, to ‘the best’? Why are there some designers who are always the best? 1stWebDesigner looks at the practices and workflows of the best Photoshop designers.

April 2010

Add Brilliant Light Effects with Photoshop.

DesignInstruct shows you several super easy techniques for incorporating remarkable light effects to your work using Photoshop. You’ll need only 10 minutes to make your own set of abstract brushes (he’ll show you how) for use in enhancing your design projects. We will work with textures too—demonstrating how to give an interesting look to a human body using a grunge texture.

How to apply Spot Color and Spot UV Channels in Photoshop.

Channels are used to masks areas of an image, cut specific areas from an image or apply adjustment or effects to specific areas of an image. Channels are one of the most powerful tools used to achieve simple or complex results in our work. Inspiks shows how to apply two spot channels to a poster design. One spot channel will be used to print a 5th color to the piece, a spot color (pre-mixed ink) and the other will be used to apply a spot UV Coating on the finished printed work.

Convert a picture into a Watercolor Painting.

This tutorial at Designzzz will show how to turn a usual photo into a watercolor painting, quickly and simply. Tools used include Adobe Photoshop with the Filter Forge plug-in.

Create Scotch Tape in Photoshop.

If you are interested to know how to make realistic Scotch Tape by using Photoshop tools, then this tutorial at Colorexpertsbd will help you to do this.

Get Smart with the Photoshop Smart Objects.

Smart Object is one of the most useful features in Photoshop. It allow us to save a lot of time in designing website and graphic user interfaces, where there are plenty of repetitive elements. If you have a good understanding on how a Smart Object behaves, it can also serve as a template for Photoshop effects. Check out the guide at 10steps.

Ten Photoshop Filters you should definitely know.

In this article at EchoEnduring, we’re going to look at ten Photoshop filters that he thinks every user should know. He’ll talk about what they do, and more importantly, why you should get to know them all.

Create a Blood and Milk Typographic Poster in Photoshop.

PsDeluxe describes how easy it is, with a few basics steps, to create an awesome typographic poster. You will use some paint splashes, custom fonts and a few stock items from DeviantArt.