February 2010

Eight Re-Stained Paper Textures.

LostAndTaken is always looking for ways to combine existing textures to make new and interesting resources for you guys. This time around he took a bunch of paper textures, some of them stained, and combined them in layers with different blending modes in Photoshop. He also used a high-res set of watercolor brushes to add a little extra detail. The outcome is a brand new set of textures for you guys to utilize in your designs.

30 vintage textures from last year.

One of the most important aspects of a good vintage style design is the use of authentic looking textures. Since most of you probably don’t have time to browse the local antique shop, and your grandmother’s attic is miles away, WebDesignSource have put together a list of some of the best vintage textures they’ve ever seen. Ever!

158 Paper Textures for kickstarting your Backgrounds.

When SloDive designs, he very rarely uses a background with just a solid color or gradient. For him it’s just too smooth and clean, so he’ll go to his textures folder and grab one for adding some contrast and contour. If he wants to keep it subtle, he goes to his paper textures and blend lightly over his background color. It’s one of the first things he does when starting a new project and almost always gives him ideas for where to go next in the design.

Free high-res Grungy, Rusty Metal and Dirty Textures

Grungy rusty metal textures can be very useful when designing posters or web layouts. You can add dirty, old and grungy quality to your projects. DesiznTech presents ten free high res (3008 x200) rusty, grungy metal and dirty textures.

A myriad of Vintage Grunge Patterns from across the web.

Patterns can be used in almost any style of graphic and web design. They have many purposes, from being used as backgrounds to being used to touch up vector files that look just a little too clean. For that reason, PsdTutsPlus have rounded-up and compiled a huge collection of over 450 free and premium patterns from various different websites for you to use in your personal and commercial projects.

A big collection of water and ice textures.

If we refer to it in a chemical point of view, it’s a substance composed of hydrogen and oxygen but if you look though a designer’s eyes, water is a very good stock item for your design projects. You’ve probably experienced how useful a water texture can be for a photomanipulation project or even for a site’s background. DesignYourWay has a huge collection, and you’re welcome to it.

High quality free textures library for 3D artists and designers.

Startextures provides quality high resolution textures, that can be used in any kind of digital and design artwork. They strive to provide you with the quality choice of images, so your everyday work will be easier and more enjoyable.  All the photographs on Startextures are photographed by their own photographers.

January 2010

Free high quality Cloud textures.

WebDesignFan presents 10 high quality cloud textures that you can use in your projects for free. Each texture file size is 2,272px x 1704px so that you can use them in many types of projects like web design, photo manipulation, posters and much more.

274 neat Handwritten textures.

TheDesigned presents a few resource links to find some neat handwritten textures. One problem with handwritten textures is that you may like the handwriting style but aren’t into the words written. Why not contact the artist who’s style you like to do a custom handwritten texture with your own words?

Free Rusted Metal textures.

NaldzGraphics presents 60 Free Rusted Metal Textures to add spice to your designs. As usual, most textures are available under a Creative Commons License but make sure to check the main source about the agreements.