October 2009

It’s Fall (Autumn’s next year). Free Leaf textures.

The seasons, they are a changin’. Which means that it’s time for some fall leaf textures! If you like what you see here BittBox posted a really big set of leaf textures last fall over on Lost and Taken. Enjoy and happy fall!

High-res Cracked and Peeled off textures

Cracked and Peeled off textures are widely used in web design and graphic design. They can bring up the background using overlay. At DesiznTech. you will find ten free cracked and peeled off textures.  All of their resolutions are 2048 x 1536 . They are free for personal use.

Free high-res grungy wall textures.

In this freebie, SixRevisions shares with you 12 free grungy wall textures that you can use on your future design projects in an innumerable amount of ways. They have a liberal Creative Commons license so that you can use them in any manner you choose, whether it’s personal or commercial.

Over 200 high quality free Paper textures.

Looking for some high quality Paper textures? Listelog has compiled 200+ High Quality  Paper Textures for everyone to grab for free. Check them out.

Free for All: Textures.

This special installment of Free for All is about one thing only: Textures. Click on each image to download the image directly or to visit its download page. This large assortment at CreativePro includes paper, wood, bricks, grass, fabric, and more.

September 2009

Free grungy and beautiful Bokeh textures.

Bokeh has definitely caught on and is a very sought after effect amongst photographers and designers who especially love the textured quality of the out of focus bits. Enjoy this lovely collection of over 155 amazing Bokeh textures at LittleBoxOfIdeas, many original and many digitally altered to produce beautiful effects.

How to use textures (better than you used to).

A lot of us know how to find great textures and throw them into Photoshop and set the layer blending mode to overlay. But sometimes, this doesn’t give the desired result. FuelYourInteface shares some insights into using textures more effectively.

Over 1,000 free grunge background textures.

There are thousands of  textures at BestDesignOptions that you can choose from links that you will find in this post. Most of these textures are licensed under Creative Commons and are therefore free to use for noncommercial purposes.

Over 60 unique and free paper textures.

One of the most commonly used texture resources is the paper texture effect. Many designers, including GraphicMania like this texture and use it in many projects such as game design, old paper effects and some digital painting in Photoshop effects. Nice collection.

Light grunge free texture II.

A while back Bittbox posted the first set of light grunge textures and they were a pretty big hit (there’s a link at the site). So here’s a follow up set to the original. Hope you guys find them useful!