May 2011

33 Free Cloud Textures.

Clouds are classified in four basic cloud types namely; cumulus, stratus, cirrus, and cumulonimbus. Whichever particular type you need, you’ll probably find an appropriate image at NaldzGraphics. For free.

How to create a unique Texture without using Brushes.

Bittbox share one of their favorite ways to quickly add a little extra to a rather uninteresting texture, without using Photoshop brushes. Simple, yet elegant.

Free Concrete Stained Texture Pack.

SdwHaven presents a collection of ten Concrete textures. Do whatever you want with them, they’re free for personal or commercial use.

April 2011

More fresh and free Grunge Textures.

Often, designers choose a grunge look (or even a single grunge element) in their designs to add a more distinct personality and individual note to the project. WebAndDesigners present some of the best examples of free grunge textures that ooze the personality and reality that you may need to create outstanding grunge designs.

March 2011

Free Set of Concrete Textures.

VandelayDesign have a set of six high resolution (up to 4000 pixels by 3000 pixels) textures available as a free download. They come with the same license as their premium textures, use them for personal or commercial projects an unlimited number of times. Great license.

40 Free Metallic Textures.

Time for some more great free textures. This time Reencoded have taken a closer look at the variety of metallic free textures, and put together some of them for you.

January 2011

Unique Reptile Textures.

STM presents over 35 unique reptile textures for your designs. Snakeskin, Lizard skin and lots more slithering goodness.

Seven free Metal Textures (and how they were made).

DesignReviver have produced seven exclusive free metal textures for you to download along with a step by step tutorial showing how they were made.

Bleached and Watercolored Cardstocks.

These textures were made by staining cardstock with water color paints, bleach, coffee, and other ingredients. Each texture was stained once, let dry, then stained again, giving them lots of depth and details. Download a free sample at WeGraphics.

One Million Photoshop Backgrounds.

A Million?!? Slodive have have collected an astounding collection of different Photoshop Backgrounds which you may like to use in any or your artwork or just add a little glamor to your desktop. Or just to say that you have a million backgrounds.