February 2010

Trends in Action Movie Posters from 1960-2010.

Action movie posters in general are typically very interesting – capturing images of fight scenes, guns, explosions and of course the odd flash of naked flesh. At CircleBox you’ll find one poster per year, so we can closely monitor the changes, and a small selection of current trends that we’re going to be seeing over the next year (2010) or so.

35 stunning 50s Movie Posters.

Continuing on their theme of movie posters from each decade, DigitalEmpire presents a selection of posters from the 50s. Make sure you also check their links to the 60s and 70s Posters. Fun Stuff.

Trends used in Comedy Movie Posters from 1915 to 2010.

This compilation at SpyreStudios showcases a total of ninety nine comedy posters, that’s one poster per year going all the way back to 1915. Throughout the decades and years we can see how movie poster design has developed from full-on painted works of art to incredible rendered posters and digitally textured photographs.

Awesome Film Noir Movie Posters.

The noir world is full of morally dubious crooks, corrupt cops, insurance scams, gambling, drinking, false accusations, fast talking broads, dangerously attractive femme fatales, and murder. SmashingBuzz brings together 36 classic designs, laid out in chronological order, from the 1940s and 50s, the golden era of film noir.

Over 100 creative Poster Designs.

Poster designs are a excellent source of inspiration. Essentially, they are a form of advertising, and the best ones are those that grab your attention. As a result, DesignMess has rounded up some of their favorites and they want to share them with you.

Designing Posters for advertising: Ideas and Resources.

The pressure may be on advertising posters to be both novel and effective at the same time. But the mere fact that creative and innovative poster advertisements that work are still popping up all over the place is evidence that there’s more where those great ideas came from. LargeFormatPosters suggests some resources where your next best-selling poster campaign idea may be waiting.

January 2010

KISS: Typography Posters roundup.

This roundup shows off the best in typography posters and wallpapers, taken from various artists and those which DesignSomething has bookmarked in his research online.

LOST Posters.

Ok, so MattsonCreative is a huge LOST fan. For the past few seasons, he’s had a ton of people over to watch the show each week. This weekend he sat down to design an invite for the season premier, and had so many ideas that he wound up creating eight different posters.

The legacy of Polish poster design.

Before the era of globalized entertainment made movie posters look the same in every country, Polish artists were creating their own versions for the internal market. What resulted was a whole school of artists trained in the art of the poster. SmashingMagazine presents a short historical look at how this movement was born and how it developed, form its art-related beginnings at the end of the 19th Century to the golden era of the film posters throughout the 20th Century.

Retro Music Posters by Paul Gardner.

Paul Gardner is the guy behind Florafauna which is a Minneapolis based half design office, half screen printing operation. Their work varies from different applications while always staying true to the original pursuit of creating hand made silk screened posters. Check ’em out at Abduzeedo.