March 2010

30 creative Poster Designs.

CreativeFan showcases 30 outstanding and creative poster designs from some of the best designers around.  Covering issues from global warming, pollution, to the more lighthearted DJ sessions, these posters catch your eye and communicate a message effectively.

30 Vintage Western Movie Posters.

Growing up, I’ve seen a number of western films that have provided me with pure entertainment. I loved how cowboys made a grand entrance in saloons, rode their stallions, and exchanged gunfire with their rivals. Let’s relive the adventurous and sometimes dangerous lives of famous cowboy characters we’ve learned to love in OnlinePosterPrinting’s roundup of vintage western movie posters.

Original Typography Art Posters.

Typography- a very inspiring design element, used nowadays by many artists to deliver their messages or express their emotions. Squidoo contains an extensive collection of typography art posters for your inspiration.

Music Posters that Pop!

Music isn’t just about the sounds, but also about the message that is portrayed by the band or event. An excellent way of giving that message is through music posters. TheDesigned showcases 23 of them that really pop.

Night Club Posters for Advertising Campaigns.

Night club posters rely on their designs for impact more heavily than most. They have to convince their audience that the event they announce is one people shouldn’t miss, relay what kind of event it is with great poster design, and accomplish all that despite fierce competition from all sides. LargeFormatPosters presents 16 choice design examples of night club posters that advertise a variety of events, ranging from charity club nights to live music performances.

Ten magnificently minimal Stephen King Movie Posters.

You know MyModernMet love their movie poster illustrations! This set by Nicholas Tassone (or Bee Combs on Flickr) is some of the best we’ve seen yet. He’s recently created ten Stephen King minimal movie posters that will knock your socks off. Love the simplicity and cleverness. Stephen King fans, you’re in for a real treat!

20 Sports Movie Poster designs.

Today, OnlinePosterPrinting are placing sports movies in the spotlight for your entertainment. They’ve collected 20 sports movie posters from classic favorites up to the most recent ones. Sit back, relax, grab the popcorn, and enjoy!

Creative and inspiring Festival Posters.

In today’s inspirational roundup at Bluefaqs, we’ll take a look at many different posters designed for a variety of festivals held throughout the world. They cover just about every topic including film, music, local fairs, culinary arts and a whole host of other events.

February 2010

Ten of the sexiest movie posters of all-time.

Bullz-Eye has decided to put together a list of some of the sexiest movie posters of all-time. Censorship may have played a big role in movies since their inception, but that hasn’t stopped studios from using sex to sell, and we can all agree that there’s nothing particularly censored about this sultry collection of posters.

Coffee Shop Posters: 17 Creative Designs.

Coffee shop posters can decorate, set the mood, provoke discussion and awaken creativity within your shop’s interiors. When they’re done right, these posters can also effectively express the shop’s unique identity and style. As someone who likes to unwind in coffee shops, LargeFormatPosters has collected 17 creative coffee shop poster designs for your inspiration.