May 2010

60 amazing Typography-Based Posters.

Bluefaqs present a collection of 60 amazing typography-based posters. Some were chosen for their style, a few for their font choice and others were just plain witty. This is a great showcase.

Design defining Film Posters from 1960s.

Film poster art not only gives you an insight or a glimpse into the film they are promoting, throughout the decades, they allow a keyholes view into the social values, political views and cultural movements of there times. And nothing more epitomizes this than looking at movie posters from the social revolution and design defining time that was the 1960s. Speckyboy has a showcase.

Roland Garros Posters from 1980 to 2010.

WebExpedition18 thought it would be interesting to see how the design trends in Roland Garros posters have changed during the years. In this article you will find every official Roland Garros poster from 1980 to 2010.

Vintage Circus Posters and Flyers.

The Leeds Playbill project is a fabulous web archive of some of the oldest circus posters and vintage playbills around.  Most of the stuff is dated around 1860-1890, and a lot of it is torn, decayed or burned.  It’s a great source of inspiration for old-school typography and antique press printing and you’ll find it at FlyerGoodness.

Brazilian Movie Posters.

Abduzeedo have a really cool selection of movie posters from Brazil, and when they talk about that, they have to mention José Luiz Benicio. He is one of the most important Brazilian Movie poster illustrators and has designed over 300 posters.

Music Event Poster Designs.

A music event poster is a great medium to use when promoting events such as concerts, music awards, and festivals. Aside from promotional purposes, music event posters are also interesting and inspirational sources of design ideas. OPP has a showcase.

20 Creative Poster Designs.

Daniel at Nenuno is working on a Poster design for his first giveaway and admits it is not easy! So much thought needs to be put into the concept to make it look and feel right. These 20 creative poster designs have given him so much inspiration and made him rethink the design he had in mind.

Blood & Guts – Vampire and Zombie Movie Poster inspiration.

SpyreStudios showcases a great selection of over fifty Vampire and Zombie movie posters, ranging from the early 1930s to the present day. From just glancing at these posters you’ll notice how technology has changed over the years, producing various different styles and trends, both good and bad, as time has passed.

Eye-catching Typography in Movie Posters.

Rather then rely solely on images, many designers bring typography centre stage when creating movie posters. It is, after all, the movie name and release date which are the most important messages to convey. You’ll find typography at its most cutting-edge and stimulating in the 20 examples at WebExpedition18.

20 amazing movie posters of the 1980s.

The 1980s was a decade of cultural and artistic confidence and exuberance, represented in all media including the movies. The brilliance of the decade’s films is reflected in the posters created to accompany them, and many of these designs are fine artworks in their own right. VelvetAnt brings together 20 amazing movie posters of the 1980s, set out chronologically and representing the highlights of that astonishing decade.