August 2010

Poster Art – Reminiscence down History Lane.

Poster art is one of the most well-defined forms of art that has a rich historical background that involves a number of famous artists throughout the world. Whatever their purpose may be, posters have inherited a rich legacy of art and artists. DzinePress showcases their history.

Vintage Tokyo subway Manners posters.

As a child, you may have been told to “mind your manners”. Japan felt the need to remind subway travelers and produced a few Manner posters that appeared in the Tokyo subways between 1976 and 1982. Check them out at PinkTentacle. Please.

16 Years of New York Theatre Posters.

FlyerGoodness has collected 16 years of Paula Scher’s (pentagram) poster designs for the New York Theatre. Shakespeare in the Park features strongly and you’ll see a nice variety of work.

Pretty and Twisted Curves: Poster Design.

The playfulness of a curve adds more personality and kick to graphic design. This visual element points our eyes to a certain direction and makes a good match for typography and simple images. Let us all look at the beauty of curves and how they can work their magic on artworks with OPP’s roundup of curves poster design examples.

Poster designs by The Uprising.

The Uprising is a four-man studio based in Los Angeles, California.  While they are a full service studio, they definitely have their poster designs pretty much nailed down.  Whether they are pursuing a clean, retro or decorative design style, the execution is always brilliant.  Check out the showcase at FlyerGoodness.

Typography in Movie Posters.

Posters are an excellent source of design inspiration, especially posters of movies. DesignDazzling feature posters that have excellent use of typography and text effects.

July 2010

Bauhaus Design Posters – Beauty in Simplicity.

Bauhaus was a “design school” in Germany that combined crafts and the fine arts. The idea behind it was creating a frame in which all kinds of art would eventually be brought together. Bauhaus had and still has until today a profound influence upon subsequent developments in art, architecture, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, and typography. TheFormOfBeauty has a wonderful showcase of Bauhaus Posters.

Over 20 fantastic Band Posters.

Great bands never fail to leave us screaming for more after every gig or concert performance. It’s even cooler when they produce jaw-dropping band posters to promote their music and gigs. Like a rockin’ song that get stuck in your head, OPP hopes these posters leave a good impression and wake up your creative senses!

Japanese Proletarian posters.

In the 1930s, a new style of poster emerged that reflected the growing significance of the masses in Japanese society. These artistic posters borrowed elements from Western design and often incorporated bold slogans with political, economic and educational themes. PinkTentacle presents a few examples.

June 2010

A Showcase of 23 Asian Art Posters.

Asian art showcases the rich culture, history, and heritage of the Asian people. Whether it is expressed through calligraphy, sculpture, pottery, architecture, or print design, Asian art makes its mark with unique, exceptional, and exotic designs. OPP showcase Asian art posters personally handpicked to provide you with inspiration for your own poster designs.