October 2010

21 fun ‘n’ freaky Carnival Posters.

There are some notable stylistic differences with carnival posters from different parts of the world, each reflecting on the culture of the place. However, whatever the place or era, all of them suggest that the good times are a-rollin’! So grab some overpriced popcorn and cotton candy and enjoy the ride as you go through these 21 fun poster design samples at OPP.

Bauhaus Posters from the ‘Letters Only’ Exhibition.

‘Letters Only’ is a gallery exhibition of typographic posters drawing influence from the Bauhaus movement, with some more contemporary than others.  With slight uses of tilts and slants in type and abstract shapes, its hard not to like anything Bauhaus. FlyerGoodness has a showcase.

Vintage Travel Posters from the Boston Public Library Archives.

Book your airline ticket, because you’ll want to travel after going through this selection of early travel posters that were made to promote the travel industry worldwide.  These posters are phenomenal in illustration work despite being more than 60+ years old, and have some really great use of imagery. You’ll find them at FlyerGoodness.

Proletarian posters from 1930s Japan.

In the 1930s, a new style of poster emerged that reflected the growing significance of the masses in Japanese society. These artistic posters borrowed elements from Western design and often incorporated bold slogans with political, economic and educational themes. PinkTentacle presents a few examples.

Text Art and Typography in Movie Poster Designs.

In this showcase of brilliant typographical works, Nenuno showcase the best in Text Art & Typographical Movie Poster designs. Many of the designs are from films in the recent memory of the past 12 months or so, with the designs still being fresh in mind.

September 2010

Stunning Black and White Movie Posters.

Black and white posters are surprisingly common across all film genres, but particularly so among in-depth character studies and those which focus on dark and gloomy subject matter. Take a look at the 30 stunning examples at ThinkDesign and see if you can identify any other common threads between them.

30 rockin’ examples of Indie Music Posters.

Indie bands not only surprise music fans with their song lyrics and heart-thumping gigs, but they also find creative ways to promote themselves through posters. Feel the beat of your favorite local artist’s songs with LargeFormatPoster’s showcase of indie music posters!

The Most Famous Poster in the World.

James Montgomery Flagg is the man responsible for one of the most recognizable posters of all time.  His World War I propaganda poster of Uncle Sam pointing at the viewer is a classic and excellently executed piece of work that holds strong roots in USA soil.  FlyerGoodness showcases some of the posters inspired by James Montgomery Flagg’s original design

Black and White Poster Design of the Middle Ages.

DailyInspiration presents a collection of amazing black and white posters of the Middle Ages, found on A Journey Round My Skull’s photostream.

Vintage Travel Posters from France.

TheGreenBox has scoured the Boston Public Library Flickr set for some juicy French Travel Posters. You don’t need to be able to read French to appreciate these beauties.