July 2009

Concert Posters.

We all like a little inspiration sometimes, and we all need some sometimes too. I like browsing concert posters or “informational art” as I like to call it. Pretty much anything goes in the world of poster art, so you never know what to expect (which is great) and it’s an area of the art/design world that is very rich on the visual side, not to mention the creative type treatments. Go to Bittbox.

20 amazing poster designs.

Great inspiration from good posters, especially the ones with good design and a little mix of art and good typography. That’s why Abduzeedo selected some great posters, with different styles to inspire you, enjoy!

Inspirational poster designs.

Posters are an excellent source of design inspiration. The large canvas size gives plenty of options for creative designers, and there are plenty of examples of excellent design all of different styles. In this post from Designm.ag we’ll feature more than 25 posters for your design inspiration.

Inspiring poster designs.

Web designers typically turn to other websites for design inspiration, but sometimes it is good to look at other mediums to get a different perspective on design. One of my favorite alternatives for inspiration is poster design. By looking at great posters, you can learn a lot about composition, typography, and use of color.

DesignReviver presents a list of beautifully designed posters guaranteed to leave you inspired.

Grunge style typographic posters.

There is something special about these hand picked posters. A certain style that is unique and makes them stand out. They are big typography posters, with a grunge edge and a retro touch. Typically with big fonts, straight lines, round curves, dark colors and grunge textures. Check ’em out at DesignShard.

Make a Russian propaganda poster.

Rather than create a patriotic poster, OutlawDesign create a communist style propaganda poster. We all know the power and impact of propaganda, just select your cause. Classic!

Brilliant typographic posters.

The most beautiful expressions of typography often appear on posters. This collection of 30 current typographic posters from soft@lize will certainly inspire even the most jaded typographer.

Create a 1950s poster.

Design and printing processes back in the fifties were a lot different from what it is today. Printed media had a different overall quality as a result. PotatoProject will show you how to mimic the look of some posters from the 1950s.

Vintage advertising and propaganda.

Vintage ads and propaganda have been inspiring designers for over 100 years. We learn from their design and typographic approaches, and re-create them as ‘modern vintage’. You’ll find the real deal at abduzeebo.