July 2010

A Photographer’s Introduction to Hard Disk Drives.

For photographers, hard disks are the 21st Century equivalent of filing cabinets. The same care that photographers took over the storage and protection of their negatives and transparencies in the past needs to be applied to their present-day digital files, be they RAW, JPEG, TIFF or even AVI and MPEG. In this tutorial, PhotoTutsPlus looks at the different options available to photographers, illustrate the benefits and debunk some of the jargon.

An Introduction to Focus Stacking.

Focus stacking is a technique used to increase depth of field in a shot with post production. This works especially well for shots using long lens and in this case, a macro lens. DPS explains.

June 2010

How to capture really sharp photos.

One of the most frustrating experiences for a photographer is to get home from a photo trip with some great images only to find that some of the images are not sharp. To help solve this problem, PictureCorrect covers seven things that a photographer can do to create really sharp images.

50 inspiring examples of emotional portrait photography.

Unlike many other photography styles, the subjects of portrait photography are often non-professional models. A large amount of patience and understanding the photographer’s mind is needed by the subject to portray the perfect emotion which the situation demands. Richworks has selected some of the most stunning photographs of human portraits which portray a strong sense of emotion, personality, and life.

May 2010

How to shoot a Lowkey Portrait.

Lowkey is easy to do with a single light and you can use just about any lens, especially since we don’t need to take advantage of a wide (low) aperture for a shallow depth of field. RickNunn goes through detailed instructions, and includes a video tutorial at the end.

The ins and outs of working with Available Light.

In this article, PhotoTutsPlus takes a look at how you can work with available light, making the most of the natural illumination around you. They consider direction and colour, as well as how you can make the most of overcast days.

Lens Filters – What are they and when do we need them?

Many lens filters in today’s digital society have been made redundant. Most cameras and/or post-processing tools now includes features for correcting white balance, for softening, or for various special effects. But there are still some effects that simply cannot be reproduced without the use of filters. PictureCorrect gives you an overview of the most essential filters that every photographer should learn to use.

Tips for dealing with an inexperienced Model.

Whenever PhotoTutsPlus organises a shoot, he tries to find models who know what they are doing. That said, you will always come across someone who you would love to strut their stuff for you, but isn’t quite sure how to. He likes to give his models a ‘Modelling 101′ before he gets started. Not only does this give them some ideas of what to do, it also relaxes them a little as they are no longer diving into doing something they know nothing about!

A Poor Man’s Guide to Budget Macro Photography.

Macro photography can be an absolutely stunning way to view the world as you’ve never seen it before. However, high equipment costs represent a formidable barrier to entry in this particular field, leaving anyone without a large lens budget left out. PhotoTutsPlus discuss how to bypass these costs with some cheap and crafty tricks for getting up close and personal with your subjects.

Ten Food Photography tips to make it look tasty.

We’ve all done it before. Taken a photo of a delicious meal only to have it turn out looking ugly and not edible. Hopefully these 10 food photography tips at Photoble will help you take a more tasty-looking food photo next time.