August 2010

DeviantArt Stock Resource Groups and Stockers you must bookmark.

DeviantArt is surely one of  the largest resource for quality free resources, and the deviants never tire to keep it up to date. You can follow them and receive their deviations or If you don’t have a profile you can simply browse their gallery, download and keep your stock updated for your future designs. ChethStudios presents a list of DeviantArt Stockers

Histograms – The Key to Better Exposure.

The Histogram is a modern day light meter and can instantly tell you how much light is reaching the sensor of you camera from the actual recorded image.  Though it may first appear difficult to understand, it is not, and FuelYourPhotography explains what you need to know.

Photographing the Perfect Landscape.

Rolling hills and vales, enchanting areas of woodland, rugged shorelines and a dappled spring meadow can all become the most obvious of subjects for the landscape shooter, often yielding strongly emotive and awe-inspiring results.The recipe for success however is less obvious and at DigitalPhotographySchool they provide a list of the most necessary ingredients for capturing that captivating landscape.

Settings, Techniques and Rules all new camera owners should know.

As so many new camera owners are starting out with photography, DPS thought he’d compile a list of photography tips and techniques that new camera owners might like to work through.

July 2010

An introduction to Bird photography.

Birds are very interesting creatures, but it’s not so easy to photograph them. Wild birds usually don’t pose where you want and, moreover, it’s often difficult to get close enough to take quality pictures. But if you know some basics of bird photography, it becomes much easier to capture amazing moments of the birds’ life. DPS has all the tips.

The showcase of beautiful Pinhole Photography.

SmashingMagazine presents beautiful and inspiring photographs created using a pinhole camera. Please notice how photographers use the camera creatively to produce quite remarkable images. At the bottom of this post you will find links to some photographers and references to related resources that will help you get you started.

Photographic File Archiving Strategy – the Bucket System.

How do we store files off-site as a back-up on DVDs in such as manner that we can easily retrieve a file if it’s lost or corrupted somehow. How do we know where it is? We could catalogue each DVDs but that would be very time consuming and fortunately it’s not necessary. DPS presents a simple and pragmatic solution.

How to prevent and edit out Reflections on Glasses.

Subjects who wear eye glasses can offer a unique difficulty for photographers due to glare and reflection. An attentive photographer will pay attention to this factor, but it does cause issues and where a photo might be perfectly composed and lit, a little glare in the glasses can throw the whole thing off. DPS offers some tips for prevention and cure.

When Manual Focus is better than Auto.

Auto focus is of unquestionable benefit in a large variety of shooting scenarios, but there are often times when it could actually be wiser to plump for manual focus. In these scenarios, it is fair to say that auto focus doesn’t perform as well on some cameras, so simply rotate the focus mode selector to M and use the focus ring to sharpen the subject in view. DPS suggests seven situations when Manual focus is better than Auto.

Correcting and preventing Chromatic Aberration.

When examining their photos closely, almost every photographer has come across a situation in which a colored halo (usually purple, green or red) is apparent around certain elements of a scene. This sort of optic anomaly, more commonly known as color fringing, is known as chromatic aberration. In this article at Tutorial9 we’ll understand its causes and learn ways to easily avoid it both while shooting and in post-production.