September 2009

How to capture the perfect parade photo.

Everyone loves a parade, but they can be very difficult to photograph. Very few people end up with satisfying parade photos. PhotoTutsPlus discusses some relatively simple things anyone can do to get more effective, more satisfying photos of parades.

Ten ways to look good in photos.

Reader’sDigest (of all places) explains how to put your best face forward and pose like a model.

Eight tips for taking sports photos like a pro.

Are you looking to shoot better sports photos, and make an impact? Sports photography presents you with many opportunities to capture dramatic and vivid imagery that will last a lifetime. No other medium presents you with heart-pounding action, vivid color patterns and unique shooting opportunities. The steps and guidance featured in this tutorial at PhotoTuts+ covers a broad range of areas – from perfecting shutter speed, to making sure you don’t miss the action.

Lighting a face explained.

To light a model’s face is the first challenge for lots of photographers, especially those shooting fashion and portrait photography. A badly lit face can be the key for a failed photo, and most of the times it’s something that we do not pay the attention it deserves. FotoPunto explains.

Beautiful black and white photography.

In this post, SmashingMagazine presents beautiful examples of black and white photography. The showcase focuses more on art and the creative mind of photographers. Of course, it’s not the ultimate collection. There were many more which they could not cover in a single post. All the photographs are linked to the photographer’s website. Please visit their sites to explore the skills and craft of these artists.

Ten principles of beautiful photography.

There is a fine line between a photo that is quite nice and one that is quite breathtaking. At some undefined point, a photo can cross the Rubicon and be forever a piece of beautiful art. That hinterland between a regular photo and evocative art is a moving target from person to person and taste to taste. However, that zone of wonderment can be narrowed a bit once you start to consider about the way the brain stores memories and emotions. Discover ten principles of beautiful photography at StuckInCustoms.

21 Great shots (and how they were taken).

In DigitalPhotographySchool’s photography forums, they’ve got a very creative group of photographers – many who set themselves all kinds of photographic projects (some of them a little whacky) and then share how they took the shots. Here’s just a few that have been shared in their ‘How I took It‘ section of the forum. Click on them to read the story and techniques used behind the shots.

Eight great tips to get more out of your camera batteries

Wouldn’t it be an absolute nightmare to have your batteries die in the middle of an important shoot? Granted, we’re all responsible people that take great care to ensure that something like that doesn’t happen when we’re out on the job. However, after shooting with different systems one can easily see that the battery life of cameras from different companies can vary. Being in the tech industry, PhotographyBay has learned tips for conserving battery power and extending overall life. At the beginning of the year, they’ve started applying those tips to cameras: with amazingly positive results. Here are 8 pointers to keep in mind no matter what type of camera you shoot with.


Everystockphoto is a license-specific photo search engine. Currently they index and search millions of freely licensed photos, from many sources, and present them in an integrated search.

Adjusting your camera’s settings for the photo you want.

Cameras vary in terms of functions offered. There are differences from one brand to the next and even from one model to another of the same brand. By necessity, this tutorial at PhotoTutsPlus will have to generalize but let’s try to de-mystify some of the more common settings found on cameras today, what they mean (to the camera) and how to use them.