December 2009

How to price Wedding Photography (a free guide).

If you are struggling with pricing your photography, you will definitely benefit from this incredible free guide by Stacy Reeves. Besides being a talented wedding photographer, Stacy is a great business person.  She has generously shared this pricing guide with all of you.  While it is catered to wedding photography, this information can be applied to portrait photographers too. Download it from MCPactions.

Free Christmas Stock Photos.

In this post we are glad to release Christmas Stock Photos Set, a set of 60 original Christmas-related photos in JPG in the resolution 2500×1666px. This set was created by Min Thu especially for SmashingMagazine and its readers.

Photography: Price vs. Value

Do you feel comfortable with the prices you’re charging for your services and products? Do you have a nagging thought in your head that you’re not charging enough or wonder why people can’t bring themselves to pay your high prices? Elizabeth at DPS shares her thoughts on the topic.

Best of: Glow – Photography and design inspiration.

The trend to add glowing lines and stars seized the web design scene a few years ago, but not as much as it is popular now. Now we can recognize the “glow” effect in many ways — digital art, HDR photography,  and many other ways, including, of course, web design graphics. Pswish presents a showcase of some of the best examples.

Ten reasons to turn off your Autofocus.

Every camera has AF as standard. It works, and works well. But it doesn’t always work perfectly. It can pick up the wrong thing or fail to find anything to focus on, causing the lens to ‘hunt’ back and forth. Sometimes it won’t even let you fire the shutter. DPS suggests ten situations when it’s worth turning your autofocus off and going back to the ‘good old days’ of manual focusing.

Seven things to never do with your Camera.

Readers, friends and family alike always ask questions about what they’re doing wrong with their camera that is making it not perform to their satisfaction. Some of these things are almost common-sensical with regards to electronics but others may not seem that easy to figure out. PhotographyBay explains a couple of things to keep in mind so that the new camera you get for the holidays will last you a bit longer.

How to capture perfect portraits when you’re limited on time.

The five minute portrait – How do you take a good portrait in just five minutes? ePhotozine tells us how.

25 beautiful examples of Silhouette Photography.

WebDesignCore presents a huge collection of amazing Silhouette photos that will mesmerize you. Basically in Silhouette photography, your subject is seen as a black shape without detail against a brighter background and are getting very popular.

Most Popular Photography Hacks of 2009.

Software and Photoshop tricks are great, but they’re a poor substitution for doing things in-camera. Over the last year, Lifehacker has shared a variety of hacks for taking better photos, looking better in photos, and ways to get professional results without spending your rent money on camera accessories.

Shoot for the Crop – Don’t cut yourself short.

There are already a lot of great posts about cropping to improve an images’ composition on this site. Rather, DPS talks about specifically composing a photo in-camera with the intent to later crop or size it for prints, publication, comp cards, web banners and more.