February 2010

Ten must-know introductory Photoshop skills for Beginner Photographers.

For many beginning photographers, any version of the image editor, Photoshop, can look quite daunting to use. With all the menu options, palettes, tools, filters, layer styles and various changes you can make to an image, it’s difficult to know where to start. MakeUseOf provides some ways to get started with the most popular image editor in the world.

The ten most Collectible Photography Books of all time.

Collectors are willing to pay steep prices for the world’s finest photography books. Enjoy AbeBooks’ list of the top 10 most collectible photography books of all time (plus there are five more wonderful books that failed to make the top 10).

Taking care of your camera’s Memory Card.

Flash memory cards play a critical role in photography, holding your digital photos until you can get them onto your PC for more permanent storage. Whether you’re just getting started in digital photography or have had your camera for years, PcWorld has got some important tips for how to handle your camera’s memory card.

Alternative Flower Photography tips.

Flowers are so cliche when it comes to photography… but that doesn’t stop most of us from shooting them! Heck, some photographers even specialize in flower photography and they do a darn good job of it. If you’re getting bored with your current bag-o-tricks for photographing flowers, scan through these tips at EpicEdits and get inspired to try something different.

Three ways to price and package your Wedding Photography.

VPS thought he would share three tips to help you price and package your wedding photography better, and hopefully answer many of the questions he hears every day when it comes to selling your services.

Amazing Bokeh Photography, Wallpapers and Tutorials.

Bokeh is a photography technique that  has been around for a while.  It creates almost surreal and beautiful photographs.  Creative minds also produces bokeh using Application such as Photoshop and  Pixelmator. In this post at DesiznTech, we are sharing  some of most beautiful Bokeh photographs,  wallpapers and also tutorials that shows how to  create Bokeh effect yourself.

Unconventional Portraits that defy clichés.

We have all seen the standard portrait; face forward, smiling, soft focus maybe. While the standard portrait formula works well and produces nice images, it’s often a good exercise to think outside the box. PhotoTutsPlus offers a fresh take on an old format.

Iconic Music Photography.

I guess one of the greatest dreams of any band is to have an iconic picture someday. A picture taken at the right moment, at that one visceral point in a band’s existence, might be the one that immortalizes it. Throughout music history, we’ve seen some great examples of iconic pictures, like the ones here at Abduzeedo.

The right moment to photograph.

It isn’t enough to choose the best angle from which to take a photograph, it’s also essential to know how to capture a precise moment. ObviousMag explains how to obtain photos that capture that ‘magic’ moment.

Neutral Density Filter tips – creating special effects.

Neutral Density (ND) Filters are useful in certain area of photography where you are looking for a specific type of effect under adverse lighting conditions. Although this can be treated as an intermediate to advanced technique, PictureCorrect will try to keep it as simple as possible.