December 2009

Lovely Package does alcohol.

DavidAirey has dug up some inspirational work, courtesy of packaging design blog Lovely Package. Some ground breaking packaging to be seen here.

20 inspiring Package Designs.

DeltaDesignz showcases 20 beautifully designed packages that are worth buying just for the package itself and nothing more!

November 2009

Color Trends: Wine Labels.

With a large percentage of wine consumers uninformed about the extraordinary number of producers and varieties of wine, an attractive color palette can be quite appealing and highly influential on consumers. ColourLovers presents a selection of recent wine labels and their recurring color trends and design themes.

A collection of inspirational wine label designs.

Whenever is looking for design inspiration, he not only browses CSS Galleries or Graphic Design blogs, but turns to websites that are committed to packaging design. One of the best blogs in that field is The Dieline and from there, he created this collection of great minimal wine label designs. Enjoy!

Ultimate Dark Package Designs.

In this post Abduzeedo decided to look for really cool package designs, but not random or super famous packages such as the awesome Apple boxes. Therefore, he will list only dark package designs. Some could be described as product designs, such as the “Salt&Pepper Cell”, but they are so cool that they deserved a spot in the list.

The Dieline’s 50 Favorite Liquor Package Designs.

Liquor Packaging is an exceptional opportunity to flex creative muscle. Unconstrained by mass production budget considerations, the Liquor Package designer can even specify their canvas by producing innovative bottle designs. And then the execution of a wildly creative imagination. Who else but Dieline to showcase the best of the best.

Nice package: Six principles of good packaging design.

Packaging gets a bad wrap (pun intended)—for everything from destroying the planet to creating an unpleasant sea of “white noise” in the supermarket. The majority of packaging does deserve our derision, however; it’s often bad for the environment, frustrating to open, or just plain ugly. So when consumers encounter packaging that’s a pleasure to open, easy on the eye, and environmentally conscious, it can have a genuinely positive effect on your brand. What defines a great piece of packaging? Find out at Landor.

The Dieline’s Latest Top 10 Packaging Posts (Nov 09).

The Dieline’s Latest Top 10 Packaging Posts. So… go to TheDieline. It’s good for what ails you.

Creative and interesting Tea Bag designs.

Even though DesignSwan prefers ‘loose’ tea, she presents nine creative, interesting, unusual tea bag designs – beautiful, amusing, natural, healthy and disgusting designs. Very impressive collection.

The Dieline’s Latest Top 10 Package Designs.

TheDieline’s Latest Top 10 Package Designs is a wonderful collection that will inspire all designers. Check it out