November 2010

Dark Package Designs.

In this post, Abduzeedo decided to look for really cool package designs, but not randomly or super famous pacakges such as the awesome Apple boxes. They list only dark package designs.

Creative and effective Package Designs.

Noupe has collected around 50 effective and creative package designs that will inspire you and perhaps make some realize how important it really is to value the hard work behind the designs on products out there in the market. Yeah!

Beer Package designs.

Every man has his favorite beer but design lovers can’t help to be attracted by the package and sometimes that will make you try something different. Abduzeedo shows a few options.

Delicious Fruit Crate Labels.

From the 1910s until the fifties, fruit and vegetables used to be displayed in their shipping crates somewhere near the railroad tracks, probably under a big shed. Each crate would have a label (up to a foot square) showing the name of the packer, and a colorful design to differentiate the brand — an early form of point-of-sale advertising. BoxOfApples has a truly beautiful showcase for your enjoyment and inspiration.

30 Bizarre and Creative Packaging Designs.

YouTheDesigner presents 30 examples of Bizarre and Creative Packaging Design Examples for your inspiration. The showcase highlights innovative approaches to stand out from the crowd.

15 Food Label Designs.

Good product presentation not only translates into sales; it also provides interesting design ideas for both designers and business owners. Uprinting presents food label design samples that prove edible products are not only meant to be consumed, but should also be visually-appealing to the market.

October 2010

Best Typographic Beer Labels.

I’m surprised this hasn’t come up before, but Typophile asks ” typographically what are your favorite beer labels?”.  There are so many hand scripted/lettered versions out there. Check out all the amazing suggestions.

80 Colorful Package Designs.

Color is of the utmost importance when it comes to packaging design because as a designer, you’ve really got to be thinking about what is going to pull someone in to take a closer look. In-store, some aisles are full of colorful packaging and therefore might lend themselves to a more spartan color palette, but for those instances where color will help to differentiate the consumer experience, this post at FreelanceReview will provide you with some exciting inspiration.

Inspiring Drink Labels: Positive reasons for turning to the bottle.

Drink companies know the importance of their labelling and the work put into branding of alcoholic drinks is probably greater than any other food or drink labels. This makes them a great source of inspiration for designers, and OneExtraPixel has a delicious showcase. Please design responsibly.

45 scorching illustrated Hot Sauce Labels.

IllustrationToolbox has a massive hot sauce collection with the majority of labels being illustrated. Take a peek at some examples of that collection to see what happens when you combine the interests of an Illustrator and a Chili Head. Must admit I have a penchant for the hot stuff too.