November 2009

Creative and cool Packaging Designs.

The effective use of colors, typography, and even the use of appropriate material is important in Packaging design. In this post, CreativeRepository brings you some of the best creative, cool and some even funny packaging designs for your inspiration. Designers can check out the resources at the end of the designs.

Creative Can Designs worth watching. has collected some wonderfully creative can designs. The showcase features a dozen sets of eclectic designs, my favourite being the Retro Beer Cans.

Packaging Design for women’s products.

Packaging design that targets women is generally eye catching and trendy. Notice that brand names are usually appealing or attractive adjectives are used to give the consumer a promise of more pleasing qualities. A nice showcase at FreelanceReview.

25 brilliant wine label, bottle and package designs.

If you’re a wine lover, this article will be the tastiest you will have seen on DesignerDaily. Unfortunately he’s not a wine expert, so he often relies on the bottle’s label design when it comes to picking a future drink. Following is a list of wine that he could have picked based on their design at the store.

October 2009

33 Eye-popping modern package designs.

GraphicDesignBlender presents a collection of some of the many designs he’s really enjoyed and admired. All the images found in this post are courtesy of TheDieLine.

30 packaging designs for your inspiration.

DesignerDaily has thoughtfully collected 30 examples of packaging excellence for your inspiration. Go ahead, be inspired.

50 Package Designs by Students.

Even in the alternate world of package design, there are many talented young designers that deserve recognition. The work of these students can be inspiring, but also their motivation and passion for the industry can inspire as well. See what DesignFindsMe has managed to collect.

This week in 2007 & 2008 on The Dieline.

Lots of great work in TheDieline archives from this week in 2007 and 2008. One in particular is most interesting, it has been one year since Pepsi launched their new packaging, as they posted the infamous article, “What is Pepsi Thinking?”. Remember, click the image to view the original post.

30 amazing packaging designs.

Packaging is one of the aspects of design that we see the most, we get packaged products at home, work or wherever we go. DesignerDaily shows some great examples of well done packaging that add value to the product.

The Dieline’s latest Top 10 Package Designs.

Yep, here it is…TheDieline’s latest Top 10 Package Designs.