August 2011

Wonderful Milk Packaging Designs.

Crikey! When I was a kid (groan), milk was milk and it came in a glass bottle with a foil cap. Then they Homogenised the stuff so you didn’t have to put up with cream floating on the top (it wasn’t THAT hard to shake the bottle). Now we’re confronted by scores of variations in supermarket fridges (or long-life on the shelves). This is a wonderful boon to Packaging Designers, and the myriad designs can be quite inspiring. Check out this showcase at InspirationFeed.

July 2011

Excellent Ice Cream Package Designs.

Marketing Ice Cream can be a difficult proposition in a crowded market. Although purchase is often an impulse decision, the range from frozen sweets to premium Ice Cream can be overwhelming. Packaging is paramount and TopDesignMag has a showcase that highlights the diversity.

May 2011

39 Beautiful Bottle Designs.

There used to be a time when most bottles looked the same (apart from the ubiquitous Coke bottle).  In today’s collection, DzineBlog shares with you 39 beautiful and creative bottle designs that anyone would want to display.

Inspiring Product Packaging Designs.

Speckyboy feature over 20 Product Packaging Design ideas, some of which have been recognized in the Pentawards, a worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design. Lots of inspiring work.

Powerful Minimal Packaging Design.

Minimal Packaging Design? Current trends are now towards cleaner, simpler designs, yet informative enough to convey all mandatory onformation and to be spot on. Leaflette presents a showcase of 50 clean and unobtrusive Packaging designs.

April 2011

Recycled and Recyclable Packaging Designs.

BestDesignOptions have put together 26 recycled and recyclable packaging designs–those that are either made of recycled materials or those which can be recycled or packaging materials that have some kind of afterlife or uses. Reduce, reuse and recycle.

March 2011

Creative Food Packaging.

TopDesignMag has a showcase of smart and creative food packaging designs. Creativity is quite unrestrained in this extremely competitive market, and quite a feast for your eyes.

Good-looking Label designs for bottles and packages.

It’s difficult to find a space in today’s competitive retail world, but label designs with innovative ideas will help you to attract buyers. Pokkisam has a nice collection of packaging that stands out from the crowd.

Beer Packaging.

Year after year, we have seen many types of beer packaging, and TopDesignMag has found out that a company puts beer in a squirrel. Doesn’t that make you really thirsty?

February 2011

40 Fresh Alcohol Package Designs.

NewEvolutionDesigns presents an impressive showcase of fresh alcohol package designs. I’ll refrain from saying “Cheers”, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the variety presented here.