September 2010

30 Film and TV Logo Designs.

NaldzGraphics presents 30 film-related logos that immediately and creatively communicate that the business they represent operates in the film or TV industry but that also communicates their niche, service or key brand message.

Beautiful logo designs using the four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

Many philosophers, such as Aristotle, believed that the four elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) were the simplest essential parts and principles of which anything consists or upon which the constitution and fundamental powers of anything are based. DjavuPixel took this as a subject and we found modern gorgeous logo designs related to Earth, Water, Air and Fire. Enjoy!

Top 20 talented Logo Designers.

InspirationFeed have gathered some of the most talented logo designers around! They do not want to be biased, but feel that the designers listed are very realiable and trustworthy. They’ve listed the authors work, name, email, and website. It’s an interesting list.

Logo Design: Farming.

The Logo Design series at Abduzeedo continues… today it’s all about farming logos! Who knew that farms needed logos?

Logo designs inspired by Bees.

Here are BlueBlots’ 30+ best handpicked Logo Designs inspired by Bees. TGP has other Bee inspired logos, just do a quick search to see them as well.

Hand based Logo Designs.

Hands that are incorporated in logo designs have many different meanings. For some it means caring, touching, hope,together, and other emotional based feelings. For others, hands means hard word, hand made, personally crafted and many more. InspirationFeed has 35 examples in this showcase.

Logo Design: Boats.

Abduzeedo’s Logo Design series is up and running… today it’s all about logos with boats! As usual, they’ve scoured the net for some of the best examples to showcase.

Creative Logo Designs using Punctuation Marks.

NaldzGraphics presents a unique compilation of logos wherein punctuation marks are used and experimented with to create astonishing and cool artworks. !stonishing!

50 Hot, Burning and Fire Logo Designs.

BFWR has collected 50 Hot, Burning and Fire Logo Designs for your inspiration. Check ’em out while they’re hot.

August 2010

A visual explanation of 20 Logo Design Processes.

View the creative process as you’ve never seen it before as you step behind the designs of 20 skillfully crafted logos in this one-of-a-kind inspiring roundup. From inception to completion, FreelanceReview shows you how these logos came into being.