October 2010

25 creative Logo Designs using Handwritten Fonts.

Handwriting is the oldest inspiration for company or organizational logos and it remains one of the most popular inspirations right now. SmashingShare presents a showcase to get you inspired.

36 creative and beautiful Coffee Logo Designs.

Forget Starbucks, there are plenty of coffee shops out there that need the services of stimulated designers. Lava360 takes a look at some beautiful and professional logo designs based on coffee.

Logo Design: Fishes.

Good old Abduzeedo is at it again with The Logo Design series and today it’s all about logos with fishes!

30 Splish and Splash Logos.

One of the most notable techniques of abstraction is the “splash” technique. Using the splash technique in logo design can help carve out meaningful hidden logos as well. Splash logos are unconventional and highly creative in nature, while at the same time are really fun to design as well. Check out the examples at LogoBlog.

Creative and unique examples of logos using depth.

By adding the right gradients and the perfect colours, depth can be added to your logos. This will make the logo look as if they are cast in a 3 dimensional space. Designzzz shows a few examples of logos which possess the characteristic of depth.

Logo Design: Flags.

That wonderful and wacky team at Abduzeedo are at it again with their Logo Design series. This time they’ve focused on Flags. Check it out.

Trends in Web Logo Design: The Good, the Bad and the Overused.

In this article, Mashable have identified 11 trends in web company logo design. Some of the trends are good; others, regrettable. Others still are simply overused, which is the saddest scenario of them all. Of course, they’ve included some handy illustrations as a sort of field guide to the logos of the web.

September 2010

Even more creative Sport Logo Designs.

You’ll find several articles here at TheGraphicPost that showcase Sport Logo Designs. This time BlueBlots presents 30 sports themed logos (from lesser known teams, brands and organisations) categorised under ‘Character’, ‘Emblem’ or ‘Other (Pictorial, Wordmark and Abstract)’ logotypes.

75 awesome Animal Themed Logos.

From Lacoste to Puma, animal logos are quite popular. The great variety that can be accomplished by using different types of animals, different colors and so on, makes this a very fun and creative side-niche in logo design. 1stWebDesigner have hand-picked 75 of the coolest ones.

Badass Logo Designs for August.

It’s time again to both acknowledge and inspire on account of the constantly amazing logo designs which come through Brandstack each month. There is badass and then there is Brandstack badass. The difference can easily be seen in this August showcase.